Dec. 23, 2009 Whip It Up Wednesday

Whip It Up Wednesday: Christmas Stew aka Beef Stew with Wine

It has been a while since we posted a Whip It Up Wednesday entry. Our apologies to the people who have been drooling over some of the recent recipes. David has been stopped at church and I was just asked at our last wedding on Sunday when we would resume Whip it up Wednesday! Well, Lee, Joy, Katie and Kerri, here you go! We figured that since I would be home for the next two weeks, why not get caught up on some great recipes for you all! Yay!  
This week, we have what I have now deemed as Christmas Stew, but it is really called Beef Stew with Wine. Call it what you may, it is still very good and it was absolutely perfect for this cold crisp winter weather we have been having. How about that freakish storm we had on early Tuesday morning and that wind? Makes it even more cold! Geesh!  
*We have a big fancy Crock Pot from William - Sonoma, so we typically double our recipes in order to have some extra left overs.
Here is the recipe you have been waiting for!  
Beef Stew with Wine aka Christmas Stew 
Makes 8-10 servings 
1 lb. stewing meat, cubed oil 
2 onions, quartered 
4 carrots, sliced 
4-5 potatoes, cubed 
28-oz. can crushed tomato sauce 
½ cup of wine 
1 pkg. dry onion soup mix 
1 cup water 
2 tsp. salt 
¾ tsp. pepper 
2 Tbsp. cornstarch 
¼ cup water 
1. Brown beef cubes in skillet in oil. 
2. Place in slow cooker. Add other ingredients and stir to combine. 
3. Cover. Cook on low 9-10 hours. 
4. Ten minutes before serving, stir cornstarch into water until smooth. Stir into hot stew.  
Variation: For added zest, add ½ tsp. Old Bay Seasoning and 1 rib celery, diced in step 2.  
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