Oct. 27, 2009 Couples in Love

Lita and David

Their paths might have crossed a thousand times prior to them officially meeting, but God knew that they were destined to be with each other. They had mutual friends who had come together and decided that Lita and David would be perfect for each other. Fast forward almost a year, they are now getting married! Lita and David are a perfect pair. They finish each other's sentences, giggle at some of the smallest yet silliest things, and have a love so strong, that nothing is going to break the bond that holds them together.  
Before we met for their engagement session, I shared with Lita and David that they should pick a location that is meaningful to them and their relationship. We traveled down to Olvera Street in Los Angeles for their engagement session, and had a blast. David's grandfather actually witnessed to others by sharing the Word on the corner right outside the La Placita Church and across from Union Station. After exploring Olvera Street, we ventured across the street to the historic Union Station, which wonderful!  
*Lita and David, I am so excited for your upcoming wedding this December, it is going to be a beautiful day centered around your love for one another. Lita, I am thrilled that we have been reconnected after so many years! Just like old times! Love you both, Tira J.
Of course the vendor of the sombrero's let me borrow them as props!
Lita is so full of laughter! I think we laughed throughout the entire session. You see, Lita and I were in a singles group together over 15 years ago at Lake Avenue Church and through some wonderful friends, became re-connected. Thanks Amy and Laura!
Towards the end of our time together, we found this awesome field right outside downtown Los Angeles! I love, love, love the sunset!
To view more images from their engagement session, CLICK HERE FOR A SLIDESHOW. 
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