Sep. 28, 2009 Children, Photography

The Images, Orange County Photog Shootout

Yes, these images are definitely from a while ago, almost a month, but I have been extremely busy and now you can finally see them. And, I needed to get them posted before the next Orange County Photog Shootout, which I promise will be better than the last according to some reliable sources. What do you get when you mix some gorgeous models with almost 50 photographers and two talented people who planned this event? Rockin' images! That's right, Hanssie and Matt did it again, and I had a blast! If you are a photographer and want to find out more about the Photog Shootout groups, you can check out the brand new website that launched this past weekend. Click here to view the details.  
See below for some of my favorite images!
The reenactment of the Time Traveler's Wife movie poster.
The next set of images are of my friend Hanssie's beautiful daughter, Mackenzie! She is going to be five years old in November and was a dream to work with. I know that most of the photographers were there to shoot the grown up models, but I just kept photographing Mackenzie, because I love those kiddos!
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