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Hopeless Romantic

It's true! I am one hopeless romantic who loves a great book and those awesome movies they show on Lifetime Movie Network, the Hallmark Channel and ABC Family that show a great love story. David calls them "Chickity Flicks" and there are times that he will get suckered in to watch one with me. As long there is a great story behind it of course.  
Right now, I am reading Nicholas Sparks latest book titled, The Last Song. I am a almost a quarter of a way through it and am anxiously awaiting to see who Ronnie falls in love with. Please, hurry and get there already. I know that he needs to spend some time building the story, but bring on the love! No, I don't like those trashy novels you pick up at the grocery store check out, just the REALLY good love stories that leave your heart breathless. I have every single Nicholas Sparks book and I will confess that he is my favorite author of all time. Special thanks go to Jennie who introduced me to him (not in real life) a number of years ago. If you have already read the book, please don't spill anything in the comment box below!  
And yes, below is another image from the So Cal Photog Shootout I went to in August. I am a little behind, but it was also nice to see that my friend Hanssie is also behind and just posted her images today. More images from that fun event will be up soon.  
Doesn't this picture scream a little romance and maybe a love story? We were getting ready to reenact the image from the Time Traveler's Wife movie poster. Another book that I just picked up because my friend JJ said it was good!
Who are some of your favorite authors?
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