Feb. 16, 2009 Studio News!

Welcome to our new blogsite!

Welcome to the new home for Tira J Photography. It's a website and a blog, otherwise known as a blogsite! We wanted to create a place for everyone to visit, a "one stop shop", as we got tired of explaining to everyone, "go visit the website and then go visit the blog". Now you have only one place to go, and we are so thrilled you are here!  
First, this new blogsite would not have been possible if it weren't for the super amazing, fabulous, ultra cool, smart, brilliant and talented dynamic duo of Brock Martin and Dave Warfel over at Infinet Design. Dave is the Creative Director, and the insanely talented guy behind the look and feel of this new blogsite. We began this project a few months back, and I am ecstatic as to how the ideas I put into a three-page document, turned into this. Dave took the time to listen to me laugh, cry, and verbalize my heart, dreams and passion for this project and my photography. Brock, is the programming genius behind this new site. Every click and comment you make, picture you view, and page you go to is because of Brock. He listened to my ideas and goals for this site and my photography business, as well as answered all of the most crazy questions I had every few days during our project. Brock and Dave, you both are so wonderful, and I am proud to call you my friends. Thanks guys! p.s.. the weather is great!  
And a special thank you to my wonderful husband David, who had faith in me to take the next step in our business with this new blogsite. He looked over every proof that came from Brock and Dave, listened to what I was after. Thank you Sweetie!  
Now, on to all of the cool new features of this great new blogsite.  
*The images are much larger, and easier to view. And, it is so easy to navigate your way around here. Every time you change pages or reload the site, you will get three new images at the top.  
*To view the pretty new galleries to go the galleries drop-down menu and hit play after you have chosen one.  
*If you are a potential client, there is a special download section for our pricing and contracts, and a brand new seamless way for you to get in touch with us by going to the connect page.  
*We have a new e-mail newsletter that will come out monthly which you can now sign up for.  
*Oh, and one of the greatest features is that you can, freely leave your comments aka blog love whenever you want. No more account logins, etc. Your email address will not be displayed.  
Get comfy, stay a while, and keep coming back, because we are going to have all sorts of GREAT things happening here! Oh, and when we mentioned that we want you to keep coming back, we mean it! Update your RSS feeds and bookmarks right now and you will find out when we update this beautiful place.  
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