Sep. 18, 2009 Our Life


Thank you Lord for Friday's! Friday mornings at work are the best! They are the the best because our entire team comes together as one big group. We share devotions from our heart, eat delicious food, and pray for those in need. This is something the team has been doing for years and it brings us closer every week.  
This morning Maura handed out this wonderful quote by F.B. Meyer from the book, The Way into the Holiest; 
"When we learn to live by faith, believing that our Father loves us, and will not forget, nor forsake us, but is pledged to supply all our needs; when we acquire the holy habit of talking to Him about all and handing over all to Him, ad the moment that the tiniest shadow is cast upon the soul; when we accept insult, and annoyance, and interruption, coming to us from whatever quarter, as being His permission, and therefore as part of His dear will for us, then we have learned the secret of the eternal Sabbath of rest".
This next year one of my goals is to draw closer to Jesus and relish in his unfailing love for me. I recently purchased The Message / REMIX Solo by Eugene Peterson and am excited to go through this new devotional for the next 365 days. I plan on starting it on Monday which is my Birthday and will then finish it on my ahem....big birthday!  
Don't you just want to curl up in that chair in the picture above with some hot apple cider and a good book? Too bad it doesn't look like that here in California. I took that picture when I was in Vermont a few years ago and have loved it ever since. I was told by one of my good friends in Indiana earlier this week that the leaves are just starting to change. Technically fall begins next week, but is is going to be 105 degrees. Hmmm....  
Have a beautiful weekend and REST!
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