Aug. 31, 2009 Our Life

Happy Birthday Brandon & Levi

God knows every single hair on our head, breath we take and every move we make. No, I didn't try to emulate the words to a song. HE knew that when Brandon wanted to adopt a son last year that Levi was the perfect match for his home, his life and his future. My friend Brandon went through the long and sometimes tiresome process of adoption, which as a single male can be tough at times. When he first shared with me that he wanted to do this, of course it tugged at my heartstrings. Last year, I had the amazing privilege of going down to San Diego to document the adoption process. You can view their slideshow here.  
Levi is a vivacious, outgoing and smart little boy who is growing up before our very eyes. Today is his birthday and ironically, it is also his Dad's. See how God just knew where Levi needed to spend the rest of his life? Yes, they are both celebrating life today.
Happy Birthday Brandon and Levi! We pray that you have a wonderful day celebrating LIFE to it's fullest. Thank you for being such great friends. We love you and we miss you.
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