Aug. 4, 2009 Couples in Love

Katie and Nick: Padua Hills Wedding

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The weather was perfect on Sunday, the day that our Lord made. Not only to worship HIM, but to celebrate life together as a church family and as two souls are joined together as one in marriage. Katie and Nick were married this past Sunday at Padua Hills Theatre in Claremont, and it was as perfect as everyone could imagine. The day started with a nervous bride and groom who had knots in their stomachs about seeing each other before the ceremony, and about professing their love for one another in front of all of their family, friends and the Lord.  
Once every bow was tied and shoe was shined, Katie and Nick made their way out to the garden area of Padua Hills to do their first look, and then devoted quite a bit of time to some wedding portraits, which we love! Katie came up behind Nick and gave him a slight tap on the shoulder, and once he turned around, his life was changed forever. Forever he will always remember the first day he first set his eyes on his absolutely gorgeous bride. Katie was stunning and Nick could not let her out of his sight. The ceremony began right on time, because that is how they roll, and the day never fell behind.  
*Katie and Nick....thank you so much for allowing David and I to document your special day, and to relish in the love you have for one another and your family and friends. We pray that God will bless your marriage every single day! Enjoy your honeymoon in Colorado!
One stunning bride!!!
The shot above and below, I was working on my [b]ecker pose! Learned from the master!
The first look!
No more butterflies in their stomachs!
I loved the girls green dresses!
Oh yeah!
One of my favorites!
*for Photographers, don't hesitate to use your Monochrome settings on your camera for a few shots! This is straight out of the camera. Thanks [b]!
My second favorite shot!
Katie's Mom, had ordered several pictures from their engagement session and she had them scattered throughout the entire reception area. *Thank you Linda for taking care of David and I throughout the day. You and your entire family are amazing!
You can see more shots from the reception in the slideshow.  
A special thank you to Scott and his team of Entertainment Express for helping the day run smoothly and a great reception!
One beautiful couple!
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