Jul. 29, 2009 Our Life

Don't just sit there!

If you follow me on twitter, or are one of my friends on facebook, you were probably wondering what was up with all of the cryptic messages on Tuesday. Especially when I mentioned Morphine! The sad news, I was diagnosed with having a blood clot in my left leg and have to do all sorts of crazy stuff because the doctor said, even stay off work for three days! The great news is that I had a great hospital visit, and it was at one point laughable when the patient in the room next to me was consistently yelling, "Jon, get me the phone, I have to go to the bathroom, give me something to eat, come see me". Poor Jon was my nurse and was just about to burst because of this poor guy who was clearly delusional. He was later transported to another facility and we chuckled about it a few times afterward. I do hope he is okay now.  
Now, if you are wondering how in the world a blood clot developed in my left leg at such a ripe "young" age, well it is because of all of the SITTING! Last week, I unfortunately injured my calve muscle at the gym and because of that injury, not staying active and sitting for the last week, the blood clot developed. I am thankful that we caught it early, because if you know anything about blood clots, they can be fatal. You see, I still have a full time job and sit at my desk 8 hours a day Monday through Friday. Then, because I am IN LOVE WITH PHOTOGRAPHY, I will get so engrossed in editing pictures for my clients, that I sit for hours on end at my computer upstairs in the office. No wonder I developed a blood clot! Photographers.....pay attention!!!  
So, the new Tira J is only going to be sitting down for 45 minute segments and once the wonderful Egg Timer Widget that miraculously says my name correctly and goes off, I will get up and move around, get something to eat or drink and then later come back to what I was doing. And I will be exercising a whole lot more, the hubby even bought me a new pair of sneakers today from my online shoe retailer! Unfortunately, I can't use them until later next week. Dr.'s orders!  
The morale of this tale is, don't sit for too long, drink plenty of fluids, don't sit with your legs crossed and exercise!
Because every blog post is better with a picture, I wanted to put up one more picture of Katie and Nick who are getting married this weekend! Can't wait for their special day!
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