Jul. 19, 2009 Photography

So Cal Photog Shoot Out

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the first ever So Cal Photog Shoot Out. My friend Hanssie Trainor has been very involved in planning special events with and for other photographers, and this event was awesome!  
50 photographers headed down to the beautiful Old Town area of San Juan Capistrano to gather into small groups, learn from our peers who are becoming experts in our industry, and to make new friends. Jasmine Star came down to spread the love and share her knowledge with all of the groups. Each small group had a model(s) so we could practice on them. The three groups I was a part of were "helping your clients relax with portraits" with Michelle Cunningham, "finding photos that make your brand" with Hanssie Trainor and "using sun flare" to your advantage with Kristin Rogers. After two and a half hours of shooting and learning, we had a fabulous dinner, sponsored by Michael and Anna Costa. Michael and Anna are AMAZING! They shared so much with us about making it in the industry, and challenged us to document, share and go off and achieve our goals.  
Meet Crystal! She is gorgeous!
Check out the depth of field on this one! Splendid!
Some people in our group with Michelle didn't know what the Roger Rabbit was. Guess we are getting up there.
Dot!! Dot is the mascot of Shoot Dot Edit and each group took turns to snap images of him. Chris Diset says, that's Dot!
The man behind this event! Rob "Ninja" Nicholson, flew out from the East Coast to put on this event.
This is Troy Grover and his lovely and sweet fiancee, Aimee. They just had about 1000 engagement pictures taken of them.
Aimee is excited to get married to Troy!
"Who are you kissing?
Dot makes another appearance!
Meet the every so lovely Amber! Loving the flare!
Okay, so I love tractors this month!
The super fun Kristin Rogers!
Kristin took this image of me. I love how mysterious and fun it is.
*If you are a photographer from anywhere in the U.S. you should check out the Photog Shoot Out group on facebook to find out when they are coming to a city near you.  
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