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Leather Craftsmen Albums

Isn't it gorgeous? FULL POST

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Aug. 9, 2010 | Children

Upland Children's Photographer, The Randall Boys

Oh the Randall Boys!! Daniel, Donovan and Dillon aka Pickle! They are so handsome and FUN! Of course, we laughed a lot, and went on a little adventure on the rocks and in the dirt, but boys will be boys, and I loved the nitty... FULL POST

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Aug. 6, 2010 | Studio News!

Contest time! It's a Giveaway from Cinnamon Sticks!

Happy Friday! It's my very first giveaway here on the blog! I received this beautiful necklace a few months back and misplaced it. Then it mysteriously appeared again. When I was ready to do the giveaway, I noticed that... FULL POST

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Aug. 4, 2010 | Children

Boys will be boys, Upland Children's Portrait Photographer

Aren't they silly? I met up with three handsome guys this past weekend and had a blast and a half! "Secret Tunnel" Something the boys kept saying the entire afternoon! FULL POST

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Aug. 4, 2010 | Our Life

A Charm Addiction

I didn't grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth, and quite honestly, there were times that we barely had enough money to buy food. Times were tough during parts of my childhood, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. You know... FULL POST

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Aug. 2, 2010 | Our Life

Checking In, Vol. I

During graduate school, I was part of an awesome group of seven ladies, and we called ourselves the Super Sexy Seven. And it was during those three strenuous and crazy years that we would often send emails or post on our blog... FULL POST

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