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Jul. 16, 2009 | Our Life

Share on Facebook

Yesterday, I had my amazing programmer and designer from Infinet Design add another feature to my lovely blogsite, sharing on facebook!!! When I spoke with Brock on the phone yesterday, he said, "we can add anything you want to... FULL POST

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Jul. 13, 2009 | Children, Our Life

Vacation vs. Stay-cation

Summer is officially here! It is mid-July, over 100 degrees for the past few days and so many people are on vacation. Even though, lots of people are staying close to home, doing smaller trips and saving money. We on the other... FULL POST

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Jul. 10, 2009 | Our Life

Work doesn't get any better than this

...Especially when your Executive Vice President (pictured above) mandates that his entire team come out to play softball and relax on a Friday! More to come! Happy Friday! FULL POST

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Jul. 9, 2009 | Our Life

For the "health" of it

This is the busiest time of the year, specifically for wedding photographers. Some are doing 2-3 weddings a weekend and can't quite see the light at the end of the tunnel. We on the other hand only commission 5-7 weddings for an... FULL POST

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Jul. 8, 2009 | Our Life

The painting assistant

I don't care what anyone says, painting anything is quite a project. You have to TSP the area, sand or patch if necessary, prime with KILZ, and then add one, maybe two layers of paint. We have lived in our current home almost... FULL POST

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Jul. 6, 2009 | Photography

Product Love: Jodie's Camera Straps

A few months back when I was preparing to do Mandy and Scotty's engagement session, I was in the market for a new camera strap. Of course, you can keep those cheap and generic Canon and Nikon straps attached to your camera so... FULL POST

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