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Zom - I am looking forward to more of your photos. I love the colours in this one.  10-2-15, 9:23pm
Alicia (Lisa Louloubel) - Love it, when I go hiking or for long walks they always take longer than they should cause I stop to take 'random' pics or just admire a scene. Looking forward to hear more about the changes you've made and the craft start up.  10-2-15, 1:49am
C.A. Villeta - I love your web layout!!!! I think I understand why you went on a bit of a hiatus. Although, your material is amazing. Good luck and welcome back to the blogging world. ????  10-1-15, 7:03pm
Laura Watson - Clearly, we should never road trip together ;) ha! love this, friend!! can't wait to hear more from you through October!!  10-1-15, 4:07pm
Lorraine - 10 years a professional photographer?! That's amazing! all interesting facts. Nice to read up a bit about another blogtober challenge taker.  10-1-15, 4:00pm
Sophie Blakemore - I love your photograph. You sound a lot like one of my dearest friends - she's absolutely inspirational to me. I love that you're connecting with people at church. It's great that people still do community. S x  10-1-15, 3:41pm
Sidney Aldaine - I went through your blog and photos. I can actually see what a happy person you are from your pieces! This is so optimistic, we need more people like you in this world. A big + for this blog design :)  10-1-15, 3:41pm