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Jean - Jonah, I love the picture of you with Levi. Such a good big brother you are!!  4-1-15, 7:24pm
Patti Franssen - You have done a beautiful job again!  4-1-15, 6:47pm
Debbie Deal - Tira, Again you have captured everyone beautifully. Love these. Grandma Debbie  4-1-15, 5:58pm
Kristin - Tira, amazing as always! I have been awaiting the pictures and they came out lovely! I can never get Jonah to smile like that! =)  4-1-15, 5:55pm
Erin Franssen - These are so beautiful! Love love love them. Can't wait to display everything in our home! Tira you are the best :)  4-1-15, 5:44pm