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Amanda Dams Photography - I love twins' pictures! They are even more adorable with their big brothers, love it!!  4-6-17, 12:06pm
Evangelina Castro - Beautiful pictures of my great grandsons.  12-11-14, 9:22am
Eva Johnson - ALL pictures are amazing - great job with the twins!! my favorite is with the four boys they are adorable! Love them ALL :)  12-11-14, 12:37am
Sydni Johnson - So cute !!!! ??????  12-10-14, 10:37pm
Tammy Finnigan - Gorgeous photo's,perfect heathy twins and a family full of blessing's..  12-10-14, 10:05pm
Rachael Runstuck - Oh my goodness!!!! These are ridiculous. Beautiful babies. Beautiful family!!!  12-10-14, 10:56am
Terry Pereda - The pictures are AMAZING! Love Donovan & Gavin holding hands and Donovan smiling....just precious.  12-10-14, 10:14am