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Peggy Raymond - What a beautiful family! Proud to say they're mine! The photos are gorgeous, too.  12-9-13, 3:54pm
Heidi - These are amazing photos!! I love this family!  12-6-13, 7:53pm
jerry - these are wonderful pictures great photography  12-5-13, 12:24pm
Heather D - Gorgeous pix of a beautiful family. Love the B&W of the kids and the sun shining through as everyone is walking.  12-5-13, 9:39am
Lindsay - They are so good, it doesn't look like you are getting your picture taken.Yeah Sure,You Betcha... That good!  12-4-13, 8:57pm
Heather Rodgers - Beautiful photos of a beautiful family!!  12-4-13, 7:19pm
E Fry - What beautiful photos. The love and genuine affection of this family comes through in each shot. Just lovely!  12-4-13, 5:29pm
Krista - Beautiful pics! Love the colors Shauntel!  12-4-13, 4:36pm
John Agar III - These are absolutely Beautiful Photographs of an amazing Family Incredible Work....  12-4-13, 4:10pm
April Abdouch - I love the one where Spencer has his head on your shoulder Shauntel. That pic captured the essence of the relationships you guys share with your kids.  12-4-13, 3:49pm
Shauntel - Tira you are an artist! The pictures of the kids are AMAZING! I can't believe how you captured their very souls. I can't wait to see the rest! Thank you friend!  12-3-13, 11:17pm