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Kathy - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! Tira- you are TOO GOOD!!! I don't know how I'm going to choose my favorites! THANK YOU!!!!!!  11-24-13, 6:53pm
Mia - Beautiful pictures of an amazing family!!  11-23-13, 7:59pm
michelle olbrich - Adorable family. Your boys are so handsome :) I like the unique shots. Great photos!  11-23-13, 5:36pm
Jean - So, so good!! You, Kathy, Jerry, Max, and Finn make a mighty handsome family. Can't believe how much the boys have grown. Excellent, Tira!!  11-23-13, 4:47pm
Kim Feilteau - I love the pics you took of my sweet nephews! Seriously, I've loved ALL the pics you've taken since birth for both of them! Thanks :)  11-23-13, 1:01pm
Charlean - Once again you did a suer job of capturing this family. Loving all of the pictures. I don't think there's a bad one of Max and you have really captured Finn's personality as well. Sweet!!  11-23-13, 11:42am
Brianna Uhl - O MY GOODNESS. What cuties! they are such great kids. I love them to death. Great photos Tira.:)  11-22-13, 8:46pm