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Katie - So beautiful ! Love the black & white of Nancy & Jaison  11-16-13, 9:49am
Beth Hackney - You guys look great!! Such a wonderful spot to capture some memories with your kids..love'em  11-16-13, 8:59am
Sandra - Nancy & Jaison- beautiful photos!  11-16-13, 8:33am
Ismael A. - Awesome! Go USC! ..oh and the pictures are nice too :)  11-15-13, 11:05pm
Gina Aguirre - Awe, so cute! Love the pictures...they came out really good.  11-15-13, 11:03pm
Esther Arredondo - Gorgeous Pictures!  11-15-13, 10:27pm
Matthew Duran - Cool! :)  11-15-13, 10:24pm
Mary Beckman - Great family photos Nancy!  11-15-13, 10:22pm
Dyan Duran - Beautiful Family & Pictures!  11-15-13, 10:21pm
Katie - Beautiful photos! Nancy, you guys look amazing! I love the black and white of jaison & you especially!  11-15-13, 10:17pm
Derrick - Outstanding pictures and great idea with the girls!  11-15-13, 10:03pm
Shelly Same - Wow gorgeous couple and beautiful dogs! Beautiful pics!!  11-15-13, 10:00pm
Lisa - Great pictures!! What a beautiful family :)  11-15-13, 9:58pm
Nancy D. - Thanks Tira for the beautiful pics. Can't wait to see the rest of them!  11-15-13, 9:29pm
Janet - Those dogs photograph so well! Beautiful pics!!  11-15-13, 3:13pm
Jaison Fraizer - Absolutely amazing pics with wifey and my girls!  11-15-13, 3:42am