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Manya Kor - Every photo was beautifully touching. I think Tira captured "precious" in every photo.  10-15-13, 8:17pm
Tash - Wow!!! These are SO beautiful!!!! I can't wait to come and meet Juliet!!!! She's absolutely gorgeous!  10-15-13, 4:16pm
Flo - Can't wait for us to take bloom photos! These are so good!  10-14-13, 10:19pm
Andrew & Vetta - Wow!!!! Your such a beautiful family, who was able to find a very talented photographer, that was able to capture so much with a single shot. We've heard; a picture is worth a thousand words, and each of your photos are worth just that. I'm so happy for your beautiful family and hope to meet and hold Juliet soon!!! All our love, Andrew and Vetta  10-13-13, 7:27am
Uncle Evon Kosareff - well as i sit here and see these pics i had always imagined seeing ones of jane but we never got to but as i sit here now and see juliet i can only imagine how beautiful and wonderful she would have looked but now we have juliet and i can't be more amazed at how beautiful and wonderful she is. as i sit here in australia i wait to see your again love you daniel elisabeth jane and juliet  10-12-13, 11:12pm
Sada Nevarov - Beautiful and touching, made me cry and smile at the same time. What a beautiful little lady you have there :)  10-12-13, 6:44pm
Melissa - Such a beautiful baby girl Elizabeth! So very happy for you and Daniel! May God bless you both and your growing family!  10-12-13, 6:21pm
Luba - Wow. What a beautiful photoshoot. And what a beautiful match! (Tira and you guys). Elisabeth and Daniel you guys are beaming in these photos. Liz... I love the colorstory ;) too too precious and gorgeous. What a BEAUTIFUL family. I love you guys.  10-12-13, 1:05pm
Lisa M - Wow these are beautiful photos of such a beautiful family. Made me cry, smile, and feel the love captured in this moment. Love love love everything about these pics!  10-12-13, 12:07pm
Elisabeth Siapin - Tira, I owe you a HUGE thank you....for your patience with Juliet since our darling little girl would not go to sleep. :) And for being patient with me and all my tears. Looking forward to photos on the farm and more of your amazing work!  10-12-13, 11:40am
Laura Nazaroff - Love the pictures and how the beautiful blog brought tears to my eyes!! So sweet! We love you little Princess  10-12-13, 11:36am
Kathy kisareff - How touching & beautiful. You captured the bond of the older sister Jane! I can hardly wait to see the rest!! God Bless!  10-12-13, 11:27am
Jean - What a tender story and what a loving family! Welcome, Juliet--Jane is looking down from the heavenlies!  10-12-13, 11:08am
Lori - How touching. What a beautiful family. Juliet's pictures are so precious. Thanks for sharing!  10-12-13, 12:39am