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Dan Ward - Super cute photos! Nice project!  10-26-13, 11:00am
Renee - What an undertaking for you and Bridges! You and all your calendar models are amazing. Keep inspiring and sharing your talent.  9-9-13, 10:26pm
Jim Uhl - What a mark of human elegance, Tira. Keep sharing those spiritual gifts with the world!  9-9-13, 9:54pm
Erin - What a wonderful project and such an amazing gift for you to share your talents in this way!  9-9-13, 11:46am
Laura - ...Indeed you gave us images we will treasure for ever...Our sincere THANKS!!!  9-7-13, 8:09pm
Charity - I am so happy with how the calendar turned out! Thank you for helping Bridges with our FIRST fundraising calendar  9-7-13, 6:34pm
Gail - Tira, this is AMAZING! It's awesome to see your talent as a photography benefit such a wonderful project. CONGRATS!!!! What a beautiful story -- thank you for sharing it with me!  9-6-13, 9:19pm
Karen - What an amazing project to be able to provide your talent for and what a gift and blessing those little ones are!  9-6-13, 7:56pm
Dora - This is a such a beautiful project! Congratulations!  9-6-13, 6:30pm