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Patrick - Thanks Tira for the beautiful pictures!  7-22-13, 10:05pm
Debbie - What an absolutely adorable family! Love the pictures  7-18-13, 6:54pm
Olivia - The cutest family ever. Sophie is too fabulous!  7-17-13, 11:05pm
Marj Galen - Beautiful baby, beautiful family, beautiful photos. Keep the pictures coming!  7-17-13, 6:38pm
Cary Tanada - Beautiful family!  7-17-13, 6:24pm
Patty Hayden - What a beautiful little girl, so much like her parents. Beautiful!!!!!  7-17-13, 6:13pm
rod mendoza - Wonderful family! Beautiful baby!  7-17-13, 8:12am
Jixie La Rosa - you are so cute..like those little pixies in Disney Fairies...  7-17-13, 7:47am
Rose La Rosa - you're really heaven sent just like the rest of the family...  7-17-13, 7:45am
Jay-r La Rosa - oh little SOPHIE you're really an angel that completes your family... :)  7-17-13, 7:43am
shasha - Sooooo cute!!!!  7-17-13, 4:35am
Rene - Beautiful  7-17-13, 12:46am
Liz Skoulphong - I love Sophie,she is such a joyful lil baby girl.. With a sweet soul and gorgeous too. She is also a very blessed lil girl she was born to such good parents .. And both good looking too..!!  7-17-13, 12:31am
lalaine mendoza - Cute baby. A true blessing from God.  7-17-13, 12:27am
Mike - The cutest baby ever  7-17-13, 12:24am
Sue Tanada - What beautiful family! Lil'adorable Sophia!  7-17-13, 12:05am
Melody Valadez - I LOOOOOVE these photos! Outstanding photography!  7-16-13, 11:39pm
Jean - Darling, darling!!  7-12-13, 7:52pm
Charity - What a beautiful family!  7-11-13, 6:50pm
Alexis Dineros - Good looking parents equals a good looking baby! :)  7-11-13, 6:11pm