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ann - your so beautiful  7-27-13, 2:40pm
amanda - Love the photos! Honestly beautiful. Your photographer did an amazing job capturing the beauty in your pregnancy! Wish I would've seen some stretch marks on your belly! But truly amazing photos!  7-10-13, 7:13pm
alyssa - I can't believe you already had Audrey. It doesn't seem like these pictures were taken so long ago! But I'm so glad we finally got to meet Audrey! These pictures are beautiful, I'm excited to see Audrey's newborn pictures.  7-10-13, 7:10pm
laylah - I like how your pregnancy was captured. These pictures are awesome and very well detailed.  7-10-13, 7:07pm
Stephanie - Simply Beautiful!!!!  6-25-13, 11:25pm
Amber - Awesome photography. You look beautiful babes  6-23-13, 3:36am
Kim Earl - Love the turquoise ensemble. Momma to be looks so radiant, beautiful and healthy!  6-20-13, 7:26pm
Kaelyn - Absolutely beautiful mama! I can't wait to see that beautiful baby girl!  6-20-13, 5:35am
Sabrina Maldonado - She looks absolutely beautiful!  6-20-13, 2:29am
Megan - Great job! :) Can't wait to see her on my feeds!  6-20-13, 1:19am
Khloé - Wow! These make me wish I took maternity photos. So beautiful!!!  6-20-13, 1:12am
Dana - Amazing photography.  6-20-13, 1:10am
Khalid - So gorgeous, can't wait to see her!  6-20-13, 1:06am
Dave - Nice photos. Congrats!  6-20-13, 12:01am
Daniella - I love the way the photos emphisize the beauty of carrying a baby. Well done to the artist and the mommy.  6-19-13, 2:56pm
Dy - I really like the "genie" style photo. That is my favorite. So pretty.  6-19-13, 12:17pm
Militza - You look beautiful honey.  6-19-13, 12:03pm
Allie - Beautiful pictures!!! Im officially a new fan of your photography from seeing these photos!!!  6-19-13, 1:07am
megan - You look beautiful mama !  6-19-13, 12:02am
Alexandra cardenas - Your an amazing photographer , the pictures you took of my friend Nicole Lora are absolutely breath taking ...you caputred her true beauty of pregnancy  6-18-13, 8:28pm
Charity - BEAUTIFUL! I am in love with the first pic! I can't wait to see more!  6-18-13, 8:04pm
Salina - Beautiful pics , I can't wait for baby Audrey to get here :) Aaliyah has been waiting patiently for her LiL BFF. Nicole you are going to be an amazing mommy .... XoXoXo  6-18-13, 2:00pm
lacy - These are beautiful! I love all of them. :)  6-18-13, 11:58am
Jessica R - Beautiful pictures Nicole!  6-18-13, 3:50am
elizabeth - Amazing photos! You look AMAZING in all of them. So excited to meet Audrey!  6-18-13, 3:01am
Brianna - These are absolutely breath taking.  6-17-13, 8:38pm
Jennifer - These are gorgeous! Can't wait to see Miss Audrey in my IG feed. She is going to be a beauty!  6-17-13, 8:28pm
Tina - Beautiful photos  6-17-13, 7:44pm
Kiannahsmommy_ - You look so beautiful!!! I love your maternity photos!!! All of them theirs always a fav one but their all my favorite:)  6-17-13, 7:28pm
Jessica - wow your photos are beautiful i love everything thing about them. may god bless u and your baby girl audrey!! :)  6-17-13, 7:25pm
Mariana - Such cute pictures!  6-17-13, 7:09pm
Brooke - Absolutely beautiful ! <33  6-17-13, 7:05pm