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Peggy Hunker - Jonah is darling and these pictures capture that beautifully. :)  1-1-14, 2:41pm
Edna Meyer - What a ray6 of sunshine this child is. A joy to the world we live in  1-1-14, 12:27am
George Meyer - What a beautiful little boy, His pictures are everlasting.  12-31-13, 11:59pm
Beverly - just the cutest boy ever!!!!!!!  12-31-13, 8:03pm
brad - Great pictures.  5-10-13, 3:24am
Anita - These photos will be cherished forever  5-6-13, 8:13pm
Great Uncle George - Such great photos  5-6-13, 8:13pm
sandy - what great pictures  5-6-13, 2:36am
Sarah - Jonah is so darn cute  5-6-13, 2:36am
Jim - Wonderful photography  5-5-13, 6:12pm
tamara - love them all  5-5-13, 6:11pm
Sherry - super cute  5-5-13, 6:10pm
Helen - beautiful photos  5-5-13, 6:10pm
Bob Webester - I am a friend of the family, and these pictures of Jonah, are a sight to behold, What a wonderful little man.  5-4-13, 1:12am
laura launchbaugh - Hi Tira! Wow! Hard to choose a favorite...I love the way you stopped gravity for a moment while Jonah's dad tossed him up in the air. That is a great shot! Laura  5-2-13, 1:33pm
Jackie - Love all the pictures. Wonderful photography.  5-2-13, 2:58am
Cathy - Jonah is sooooo cute. What great family photos.  5-2-13, 2:57am
Francesca - He's darling...that little face!  5-2-13, 2:18am
Gidget Wood - What a beautiful family!  5-1-13, 4:33pm
Tannis - So adorable! Great pictures of a beautiful family!  5-1-13, 1:46pm
Peggy Hunker - Darling family!!!  5-1-13, 11:21am
Jamie - Nice pictures!  5-1-13, 8:32am
Hilary - Tira, you have captured the Franssen family again in beautiful photos.  5-1-13, 3:08am
Erica - Wonderful photos. Wonderful family.  5-1-13, 3:07am
Connie - Beautiful family photos. Jonah is adorable.  5-1-13, 3:06am
Joan H - Love the looking around the tree photo  5-1-13, 3:05am
Faith - Jonah is so very cute  5-1-13, 3:04am
Chesed - Such great shots! Beautiful family!  4-30-13, 11:46pm
Yumiko - As always, what great pictures of Jonah and his parents! Great way to save the memories! Especially love the one with Jonah on the chair. Thanks for sharing.  4-30-13, 11:44pm
Karen Davis - What adorable photos! Thanks for sharing!  4-30-13, 11:42pm
Jamie - Great pics!  4-30-13, 11:24pm
Pam Richards - What a beautiful family. These pictures are treasures for the future.  4-30-13, 9:49pm
Karen Babineau - I have know Erin most of her life, through her marriage and now with precious Jonah. These pictures are amazing and shall be cherished by us all!  4-30-13, 4:34pm
Tami Kenoshita - I am the neighbor of George & Edna Meyer, The GreatGrandParents of Jonah. I surly enjoy his pictures, I have met him and he is the most wonderful child, Some day I hope to have a Great Grand Child, just like him  4-30-13, 1:43am
Jeanne - what a doll.  4-29-13, 11:09pm
Janet - Absolutely tickled by all those toes!  4-29-13, 7:12pm
Edna Meyer - What a cute little Boy, Makes everyone HAPPY  4-29-13, 7:09pm
George Meyer Sr - Our most charming Great Grand Son, How could anyone not LOVE him.  4-29-13, 6:55pm
Dineen Tucker - I cannot get enough of this little guys pictures! He is so dang cute! Erin and Steve aren't so bad looking themselves. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us!  4-29-13, 5:50pm
Barbara Dexter - Great pictures! They will make such good memories. Jonah is a natural!  4-29-13, 4:09pm
t - adorability thru the roof!  4-29-13, 3:29pm
Grandma Patti - Great job Tira, but then you had great subjects to work with!  4-29-13, 1:55pm
Deb Schmidt - As always, such a beautiful family. Erin...you look amazing. Jonah...I absolutely love the tongue action!  4-29-13, 1:18pm
Rob - Great shots! They capture this beautiful family perfectly!  4-29-13, 12:45pm
JanT - Beautiful; lovely family, good photography. I'd like to see a crop of the "feet" added, too!  4-29-13, 12:12pm
Jerri Silva - These are the most sweetest pictures of Jonah. What a beautiful family!  4-29-13, 10:40am
Allison - He is the cutest little guy! I love all the pictures...so beautiful!  4-29-13, 12:29am
Linda Price - Jonah is absolutely adorable!  4-28-13, 11:17pm
elaine stricklin - Absolutely darling, I love all the different photo angles, beautiful family!  4-28-13, 10:48pm
Karen - What beautiful pictures! These really capture the joy and love in this wonderful family! Jonah is adorable...  4-28-13, 6:40pm
Nick & Mary Ann - WOW! Jonah is no ordinary child. Photographically you captured his joy, exuberant Fun loving life!  4-28-13, 5:44pm
Pat Loukota - Johna just keeps getting cuter and cuter each day.  4-28-13, 3:31pm
Beverly Davis - Happy Happy Happy!!! What t a wonderful and happy litte angel and family.  4-28-13, 11:10am
Grandma Debbie - Jonah is the cutest jellybean ever!!!  4-28-13, 3:24am
Erin - These photos made me cry! They are so beautiful. Thank you Tira, you have such a God given gift. :)  4-26-13, 10:56pm