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Jean - What fun to watch the quads grow up through your images and eyes, Tira! They'll always be a beautiful, loving family--and that's what you capture every time.  4-1-13, 8:28pm
Amy Shahbaz - LOVE those kiddos=) How is it that they look so adorable in your shots Tira...but right now I have a headache after the kids first day as 6 year olds! Thanks for helping us remember such precious moments and capturing the uniqueness of each of our four=) Thank you Tira for the relationship you have with each of our kids and how you make them want to smile=) The way you combine your warmth with your talent=amazing memories captured by your lens=) Thank you!  3-29-13, 12:32am
Amy P - I am loving all of these!! The ones in the breeze way are adorable. The ones on the bench...and of course the ones of everyone holding hands in a line and pulling each other. And lots of props to Phil and Amy for the sweet pics of just the 2 of them! Russ and I never look that sweet! Lol! Love you guys!  3-28-13, 10:46pm