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Amy Shahbaz - Why do you always make me cry? So amazing! Thanks for these precious pictures! The kids laughed at the their group pics and had a lot of cute comments. Jordan was pretty pleased with himself. Amazing how such a shy boy has become such a chatter box and a ham=) Not just his health has been restored...his self-esteem too!!! Thank you for being at the party with your gift of pictures. We really missed you!!! Wasn't the same without David and you. But now that the kids are almost 6...you are bound to miss a few events=) Thanks for cheering us on during all our "hallmarks"! Love you Tira and David!! PS the kids missed you on the bouncy slide=)  3-10-13, 3:28am
Katie Mountain - Amazing photos of these kiddos, as usual!  3-8-13, 10:05pm
Heidi Moore - What a beautiful celebration of an awesomely adorable little guy. I wish him lots of happy, cancer-free years.  3-8-13, 9:56pm