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Mindy Metivier - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shoot Tira!!! They're such a cute couple!!! Congratulations to them on making 50 1/2 years!!! And the CAR is AH-MAZING!!! Love that he still has it after all these years...and he keeps it in mint condition!!! Their doggie is adorable :)  1-30-13, 5:00pm
Kristen J. - What a beautiful couple!  1-30-13, 4:36pm
Susan Liptak - You can truly see the love and devotion Bob & Edna have for each other, lovely pictures.  1-27-13, 7:05pm
Debbie Hutton - Tira, you did a beautiful job of capturing the essence of love between Bob and Edna. Two of the sweetest people I have ever known. (And a great shot of Cookie!!)  1-26-13, 11:27pm
Donna Stone - These pictures capture these lovely people so well. Thank you.  1-26-13, 4:44pm