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charis ceniseroz - what a beautiful baby angel! Great set of family photos.  5-1-12, 2:13pm
Cathy Napoli - Lovely family and photos.  4-27-12, 8:15pm
Blaine Lambertson - A beautiful gift from God. Love the photos.  4-27-12, 8:14pm
Barbara Dexter - Adorable baby and photos. Beautiful family.  4-27-12, 8:13pm
Lynda Siminske - Beautiful photos. Such a blessing.  4-27-12, 8:09pm
Tamara Bertolini - What a cute blessing.  4-25-12, 3:28pm
Bonnie Ceniseroz - Wow! What amazing photos! Of course Jonah is the precious star, but my favorite is the family portrait! Erin,God's peace & love just shines in your eyes! You are all SO beautiful!  4-24-12, 10:15am
Les Peterson - All the best wishes now and throughout his life.  4-23-12, 8:32pm
Janna - The most impressive newborn shots that I've seen...but maybe it's just Jonah.  4-16-12, 6:42pm
Arynn - Little Mr. Jonah is so precious and he has a beautiful Mommy and a handsome Daddy. I grew up knowing Erin and her entire family. Jonah couldn't have been given life into a better and more loving family!  4-15-12, 1:01am
Casey Cox - Beautiful picture capturing a beautiful family. These are quite precious! Jonah is a stud.  4-12-12, 11:43am
Karen Nilsson - Such precious pictures of Jonah. He is an Angel. God bless you all.  4-11-12, 9:23pm
Rona - such a cutie!!!  4-11-12, 12:30pm
Pam Richards - The photos are absolutely beautiful. What a precious memory. Thank you for sharing these amazing images!!  4-11-12, 10:10am
M. Underwood - Beautiful pictures!  4-11-12, 1:28am
Laura Launchbaugh - Tira, You are an amazing artist! The pictures of baby Jonah are so sweet...love the one with the colorful beanie! Laura (Robinson) TCHS  4-10-12, 4:46pm
Gidget Wood - Pictures are precious! Love them all!  4-9-12, 8:11pm
Ken Alva - Beautiful photos of a beautiful family.  4-9-12, 1:00pm
Michelle Hunter - Jonah is absolutely precious!! Congratulations to Erin and Steve! Debbis and Stan, your grandson is a keeper!!  4-9-12, 11:38am
Jeanne - Adorable! Congrats and God bless.  4-9-12, 11:29am
Peggy Hunker - What a sweet little boy. Erin and Steve you are so blessed!!! Beautiful pictures.  4-9-12, 11:11am
Dineen Tucker - Perfect pictures of a perfect baby! They are all so precious!  4-8-12, 10:09pm
George Meyer - What a good looking little boy! These are wonderful pictures.  4-8-12, 7:45pm
Stan Deal - Our grandson is a blessing. We love these pictures. Thank you Tira.  4-8-12, 4:17pm
Jordan Deal - My nephew is quite the handsome man. Takes after me. These photos are awesome!  4-8-12, 4:15pm
Sandra - What a blessing! The pictures are precious.  4-7-12, 8:32pm
Steve Franssen - We spent many hours working to get these awesome photos! They are really wonderful.  4-7-12, 4:05pm
Nick Moffitt - Thank you for sharing these awesome portraits. It is apparent that Jonah is a gift from God! Not only is this little dude ‘handsome’, Tira captured the essence of his beauty. We especially appreciated the two in his yellow cap. From Jonah’s expressions, it would be most interesting to know what this little guy is thinking.  4-7-12, 3:08pm
Karen Cullen - Wonderful pics and a beautiful baby and family!  4-7-12, 12:53pm
Janet Kidd - Wow Debbie -- these picutures are precious!! Beautiful baby and incredible photographer!  4-7-12, 11:50am
Joanne Herman - What a beautiful baby boy. Welcome to the grandparent club. Grand babies bring such wonderful joy into our lives!  4-7-12, 11:24am
Jamie Redman - Beautiful baby boy . . . beautiful pics!  4-6-12, 11:29am
Yumiko - What a beautiful way to show off your beautiful baby(grandson)! Enjoyed the photographs very much! Thank you.  4-6-12, 9:55am
Tannis Dody - So precious! Great pictures of a beautiful family!  4-6-12, 7:58am
Cassie Molinari - He is such a blessing! These photos are phenomenal. Tira, your photos are stunning! Absolutely love each and every one of them.  4-6-12, 12:10am
Karen Babineau - Beautiful family, wonderful life Jonah has in his future!  4-5-12, 12:27pm
Laurie Tackett - Jonah is my precious great-nephew. These pictures are just outstanding. Thanks for sharing.  4-4-12, 8:25pm
Marcia Conway - What beautiful pictures of such a precious baby!  4-4-12, 6:50pm
francesca - What a beautiful little boy! These are pictures to treasure forever!  4-4-12, 4:47pm
Crystal - These pictures are beautiful!  4-4-12, 1:26pm
Cory - What a perfectly beautiful baby! Congratulations Erin and Steve!  4-4-12, 12:54am
Melissa H - These pictures are awesome and he looks so sweet!  4-3-12, 9:08pm
Kathy Wodicka - Great photos of a cute little fellow!  4-3-12, 8:19pm
Chesed - So sweet! Beautiful photos!  4-3-12, 6:40pm
Melody Vance - Absolutely adorable! couldn't be anymore perfect (: love ALL the pictures!  4-3-12, 6:37pm
Cindy England - What a precious baby boy! Especially love the mom and dad photos.  4-3-12, 4:34pm
Deb Schmidt - Absolutely adorable!  4-3-12, 3:26pm
Sherry Heinrich - Very cute. What wonderful memories to share.  4-3-12, 1:52pm
Sylvia Slakey - Oh my goodness! Beautiful photos - very evocative. A little treasure. Something to revisit when he becomes a teenager!  4-3-12, 11:52am
Robin Weed-Brown - Wonderful photos and family.  4-3-12, 11:27am
Heather Snyder - He is just too cute!! These are beautiful pictures:)  4-3-12, 10:52am
Tricia Gomer - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby. Nice long fingers for future basketball success!  4-3-12, 10:07am
Katie Franssen - Adorable!  4-3-12, 8:03am
Kristin Deal - P.S... I think my favorite is the third one from the top, with the Yellow and White hat! His face is priceless! =)  4-3-12, 2:18am
Kristin Deal - Tira, These are such beautiful pictures. Thank you for your work and the many hours you spent with Jonah to capture such peaceful images! I can't wait to have one of these up in my apt! =)  4-3-12, 2:16am
Pat Loukota - What a great idea to have pictures like these. He is so cute. My favorite is the last one.  4-3-12, 2:13am
GreatGrabdMa & GreatGrandpa Meyer - What a wonderful addition to our family, Like Mary Poppins said "Perfect in Every way...  4-3-12, 2:00am
Debbie Deal - I love my little grandson and these photos are just beautiful. He is the cutest little one. What a blessing.  4-3-12, 1:59am
Patti Franssen - Great pictures, When you have such an adorable subject how can they be anything but great. Looking forward to more pictures as he grows.  4-2-12, 11:52pm
Kelly Livecchi - These are absolutely gorgeous photos! Beautiful job! :)  4-2-12, 11:29pm
Erin Franssen - Thank you Tira! You are absolutely amazing. These photos are beautiful and I can't wait to display them in our home. Steve, Jonah and I enjoyed getting to know you. We look forward to having you watch and photograph Jonah as he grows. :)  4-2-12, 8:31pm