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Jamie - These pictures are amazing! What beautiful kiddos!!  4-2-12, 5:51pm
Eric - Tira did an amazing job with our kids. Thanks.  4-2-12, 9:08am
BUZZ & JEANETTE - i guess m buzzy comment last wk,went somewhere else.absolutely beautiful pics,should enter these in a contest of a beautiful family,love.jeanette and  3-31-12, 4:09pm
Nemesia - WHAT BEAUTIFUL PICTURES! Travis is the cutest, and Kayla is of course the beautiful older sister. I love seeing pictures of the two of them together.  3-30-12, 10:20pm
Gail - You do SUCH a beautiful job with newborns Tira!  3-30-12, 11:40am
kristina - Oh my goodness. These pictures are amazing!!!! So much love and beauty shown through these pictures. I love them!!  3-29-12, 6:59pm
diane q - is there anything more precious? these photos are adorable!  3-29-12, 6:17pm
Matt - Oh my goodness! What a gift from God and a beautiful little boy! I can't wait to spend more time with him!!  3-29-12, 5:01pm
bud q - these photos are a reminder of what is REALLY important in life.  3-29-12, 2:43pm
Betty Tort - It seems that God has allowed us to borrow his angels.  3-29-12, 10:47am
matt witenstein - I love the pictures, particularly of you holding the baby! I can't wait to meet the little one!!  3-28-12, 7:43pm
Karol Wack - A beautiful family, I especially love the one of big sister and baby:) May happiness and love be with you all<3  3-28-12, 7:11pm
Mara Paio - Absolutely beautiful pictures of a wonderful family!  3-28-12, 6:04pm
Rebecca Wack - Time for Anne Geddes to find another profession. This photog has her beat. How beautiful. Such precious gifts from God.  3-28-12, 5:41pm
Page - Absolutely awesome portfolio of family photography! I am duly impressed. My aloha to the growing ohana! ~The Macy Family  3-28-12, 5:37pm
Craig - Eric, that's an attractive family you have there. Travis seems to like that owl hat.  3-28-12, 4:40pm
Gidget Wood - Love these! I especially like the black and white ones with mom and dad! So precious, even got a smile from Travis!  3-28-12, 4:35pm
Sue Monrad - Travis and Kayla are beautiful and the pictures are absolutely amazing! I love it! Love, Aunt Sue  3-28-12, 4:15pm
Sarah (Simons) Shaner - ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! Pictures are breath taking as are Travis and Kayla!  3-28-12, 3:34pm
Jo B. - Gorgeous keiki! You are all truly blessed. Mahalo for sharing the beauty.  3-28-12, 1:57pm
Denise Gleason - Such wonderful pictures. Treasure that you will have for a life time.  3-28-12, 1:56pm
Twila - Eric, your family is adorable! Can't wait to see you and them in May.  3-28-12, 1:41pm
Gramma Simons - Wonderful picutres and wonderful grandchildren.  3-28-12, 1:14pm
Grampa Simons - Wow is all i can say about these beutiful grand children.  3-28-12, 1:13pm
Katie D. - BEAUTIFUL pictures! The kids look soooo sweet, and the pics do such a great job of capturing that!  3-28-12, 12:03pm
Jean - Travis is one beautiful baby along with big sister, Kayla. Great job, Tira!  3-28-12, 11:41am
Sarah - Absolutely gorgeous shots! I love how these pics capture Kayla's personality and illuminate your family's love. Beautiful!  3-28-12, 11:37am
Carter - Those kids are too much! Great pics to remember this season.  3-28-12, 2:44am
Ken K. - Wow! All of the pictures looks great. Tra-chan looks so sexy!  3-28-12, 1:21am
Nori - Sooooo sweet!!! What a beautiful family :) Love you Beano!!  3-28-12, 12:45am
Brice - Beautiful photos of a few beautiful kids!  3-28-12, 12:41am
Machi - Soooooo Cute<3 Just Adorable!!!!  3-27-12, 7:49pm
Katie P - These are so great!!  3-27-12, 7:44pm
Chihiro - Soooo cute!!!! Kayla is now a BIG sister... Blessings!!  3-27-12, 7:36pm
Setsu Shimizu - Soooooooooooooo Cute!! They are too cute!!! I am so proud to be their auntie!! Setsu  3-27-12, 7:22pm
Melissa - These are so great! I love the one of Kayla and Travis, just so precious. Great job Tira!  3-27-12, 6:45pm
Brittany - These are SO adorable-- I especially love the one with Kayla kissing Travis. Love love love!  3-27-12, 6:22pm
Kimberley - Soo cute! I love that he is so snuggly, but especially love the ones of Kayla and Travis together. Tira, you're just so gifted with photographing young children.  3-27-12, 6:21pm
Karen - SO cute!!  3-27-12, 6:20pm
Alayna - My extended family's new addition is so beautiful! I can't wait to meet that little guy this week. Tira, you do amazing work. I am so happy to have seen your journey as a photographer these past few years. Your work keeps getting better!  3-27-12, 6:10pm
Ginny - What a beautiful family! And I have to say Travis is a perfect baby! Tira you create such wonderful memories!!  3-27-12, 6:10pm
Kelly Schlenz - So awesome! Tira you do amazing work! Also, Shino your fam is so amazing!!! Wonderful!  3-27-12, 6:05pm
Jenny - what a beautiful family! so happy for you all! great job on the photography, tira!  3-27-12, 6:00pm
J - Tira...these shots are absolutely fabulous!!! I'm sure it helped that your clients were so stinkin' cute!! I love them all but my favorite has to be the 2nd photo - with Big Sister kissing lil brother!! Again, beautiful pics...great job TiraJ!! ;)  3-27-12, 5:56pm
Paige - These are beautiful! I love every single one of them.  3-27-12, 5:49pm
Shino - Thanks Tira! I love these pictures and I can't wait to see the rest of these pictures.  3-27-12, 5:12pm