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Sandra Albers - Oh.My.Gosh. I am so in love with these gorgeous photos! Wow! Jacinda is absolutely adorable and Julie looks beautiful! Great job Tira.  2-19-12, 10:22pm
Carolina Castro - Amazing pictures! I might need to hire this wonderful photographer for my munchkin! :)  2-19-12, 9:40pm
Tracy Phipps - I love the bright purple colored chair against Jacinda's blue eyes. Just gorgeous!  2-19-12, 8:56pm
Marjie - Such beautiful pictures! Love them all!  2-19-12, 8:22pm
Rebecca - So beautiful!!! Love these pictures.  2-19-12, 7:33pm
Brent - Wow, the colors are incredible! You both look so great!  2-19-12, 6:06pm
Ginnie - JULIE!!! These are just so beautiful! Love you tons and we are SO excited to see pics of the next!! ;)  2-19-12, 4:56pm
Jessica Murcia - So sweet I love the pictures!!!  2-19-12, 3:35pm
chelsea - Two beautiful girlies! love them!  2-19-12, 2:48pm
Sara Canada - pretty girl and pretty mama!! love the pics! :)  2-19-12, 2:32pm
judy - What a great photo shoot!! Totally captured you both perfectly <3  2-19-12, 1:32pm
Jim - Two of my beautiful girls  2-17-12, 11:38pm
Jade Dowbachuk - These photo's are adorable Julie! Great pictures  2-17-12, 8:08pm
Karri K - Just GORGEOUS!!! Both of you! Xoxox miss you so much already!  2-17-12, 9:25am
Rory McMahon - Adorable! Great pictures!  2-17-12, 1:12am
Kathy McMahon - Jacinda's eyes are stunning. Beautiful pictures of beautiful girls! Love these!  2-17-12, 1:11am
Roxanne - Amazing photos! You captured their inner beauty too. Great job Tira! I'll be ordering soon:)  2-17-12, 12:49am
Kathy Phipps - Love that little girl, her Mom, too.  2-16-12, 8:21pm
Jess - She's such a doll!!  2-16-12, 8:10pm
cara hoffman - Such a cutie!  2-16-12, 7:19pm
Karen Schabow - Simply beautiful! Love those gorgeous eyes!  2-16-12, 7:04pm
Brittany Heal - What a beautiful little girl. She is just stunning, must take after her mother :)  2-16-12, 6:58pm
Kimberley - I LOVE these! Great great pictures...especially of Julie and Jacinda together. Such a sweet moment catpured here. :)  2-16-12, 6:53pm
Mary - So adorable! Nothing sweeter than momma and daughter pictures. These are beautiful. Julie - you are so blessed! Tira - great work!  2-16-12, 6:42pm
Corey - i love my beautiful niece!  2-16-12, 6:41pm
Julie - Tira! These pictures are so beautiful...we could not be more pleased. Thank you so much for taking such great care of us and letting us take so much of your time. She's a tricky customer, but you captured her perfectly. You are a gem! Love you so much!  2-16-12, 6:00pm
Lindy - Love these beautiful girls!!  2-16-12, 5:59pm
Mary Marantz - what a CUTIE! These are beautiful Tira! M:)  2-10-12, 6:58am
Alex - I am in loooove with your use of colour :) Gorgeous photographs!  2-9-12, 3:08pm
Kyle - Tira-reffic!  2-9-12, 2:33pm
Jean - Very sweet, Tira! And Jacinda, you and your mommy are so pretty and YOU have the most beautiful, blue eyes!  2-8-12, 6:23pm