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sarah morrison - one vote for Abigail and Madison!  1-13-12, 12:01pm
Nate king - My vote is for Hailey. She is the most beautiful and precious baby. I can't believe how small she was and how fast she is growing. I love my baby girl!  1-13-12, 12:29am
Deanna - I vote for Madison and Abigail  1-12-12, 11:43pm
Linda ruggles - Madison and Abby  1-12-12, 11:27pm
Corrine Wilson - I vote for The Malak Family  1-12-12, 8:06pm
Martha - I love Hailey, she is the best!  1-12-12, 7:55pm
Anita - I vote for Hailey  1-12-12, 7:52pm
Rossana Oyola - Hailey es la imagen mas bella que he podido apreciar, en ella se transmite la ternura, fragilidad, amor y belleza en todo su esplendor. Un genuino regalo de la vida, Besos BB.  1-12-12, 6:17pm
Jean - Just love those Quads! Cute, cute, cute, cute!  1-12-12, 6:07pm
Diego Acuña Oyola - Felicidades !!! Hayle King Castillo !!! , eres la BB mas bella de toda la colección . Besos  1-12-12, 6:04pm
Beverly - I vote for Hailey, she is so precious!  1-12-12, 5:41pm
Danielle - Baby Hailey! She is so precious!  1-12-12, 4:28pm
Joy Fisk - I vote for the Malak family. It's a great photo of their beautiful family. The photo also has qualities of being cool and edgy like Hany.  1-12-12, 2:24pm
Natalia - my vote goes to Hailey! if it is not late to vote...  1-12-12, 2:10pm
Stacey - Jeff and Nicky! Fabulous Shot! Love everything about the picture and the couple!  1-11-12, 10:22pm
Ray - Jeff and Nicky, great pic  1-11-12, 7:34pm
Chris - Madison and Abigail  1-11-12, 6:37pm
Jeff and Nicky - They are forming a perfect "bridge" of love!  1-11-12, 6:31pm
Eileen Nordstrom - I vote for Abigail and Madison. I love the red hair!!  1-11-12, 6:31pm
Denie Petrie - Voting for Jeff and Nicky-great pic!!!  1-11-12, 5:34pm
Danielle - Jeff and Nicky--love the composition and love the couple and their baby!! ;)  1-11-12, 5:03pm
Jenny - I vote for Ty and Angela!  1-11-12, 4:49pm
Arlene - Jeff and Nicky - Creative and cute! Love the setting, too.  1-11-12, 4:15pm
Cecilia - I vote for Grace: This picture is so sweet and captures her innocence and beauty!  1-11-12, 3:42pm
Elaine Allred - beautiful pics You do awesome work  1-11-12, 3:26pm
Farmer - Jeff & Nicky  1-11-12, 3:07pm
Victoria - JEFF AND NICKY!  1-11-12, 3:04pm
Anneke - Jeff and Nicky! Love this one, such a sweet maternity photo! I bet that baby is adorable!  1-11-12, 2:53pm
Chris - Jeff & Nicky  1-11-12, 2:41pm
Jeff and Nicky--love that they are pregnant - love that they are pregnant and the setting of the shot is wonderful  1-11-12, 2:26pm
Angela Ashcraft - I vote for Jeff and Nicky  1-11-12, 2:26pm
G - Jeff and Nicky! Because....they're awesome!  1-11-12, 2:26pm
Laura - I vote for Jeff & Nicky!  1-11-12, 2:21pm
Emma Sillstrop - I vote for Jeff and Nicky!  1-11-12, 2:18pm
John - I want to vote for Madison and Abigail  1-11-12, 1:36pm
Andrea - Of course I have to vote for the cutest twin girls EVER! Madison & Abigail  1-11-12, 1:36pm
Frank Kerpen - I vote for Hailey  1-11-12, 9:48am
Katie - My favorite is Grace. Love the black and white and her smile is infectious!  1-11-12, 8:40am
Janet - I vote for Haley. Shes beautiful!  1-11-12, 8:02am
April - I am voting for Madison and Abigail  1-11-12, 1:31am
Linda Hyatt - I vote for Abigail and Madison - too cute for words.  1-11-12, 12:21am
Alicia Montgomery - Maddy and Abby! They are precious!!  1-11-12, 12:16am
Renee Wallace - Hailey!! What a precious sleeping angel! What a way to capture the most pure and innocent moment!!  1-10-12, 10:16pm
Silver - Hailey!, Hailey!, Hailey!  1-9-12, 9:22pm
Dave K. - Ty and Ang for sure! Thanks for the beautiful photos!  1-9-12, 5:44pm
Kim Earl - I love all the pictures, but I think think the picture of Max & Fin is my favorite. It looks so natural - two buddies hanging together!  1-9-12, 5:39pm
Amber Rohrer - My vote goes to Hailey!! The cutest most precious one!  1-9-12, 3:04pm
Mirko Castillo - I vote Hailey!!!!!!!!!!  1-9-12, 2:34pm
Denise - Hailey Hands Down !! Gorgeous Shot.  1-9-12, 1:42pm
gladys - all are cute! but my vote is for Hailey!  1-9-12, 1:27pm
Katya King - I vote for Hailey. Not only is she precious, but she is also my little girl!  1-9-12, 1:20pm
Jon - Madison and Abigail  1-9-12, 12:40pm
Sharmaine Reyna - Hailey...got my vote and my heart :)  1-9-12, 12:40pm
carol - my vote is for tyler and angela!!!! beautiful picture.  1-9-12, 12:00pm
Andrea - Madison and Abigail. I love their smiles!  1-9-12, 11:10am
Kristi - Maddie and Abby! Love this one!  1-9-12, 11:07am
Kristin - This picture totally captures the beauty of those four precious miracles!  1-8-12, 7:52pm
jonathan - Tyler and Angela, beautiful photo  1-8-12, 6:56pm
deborah - Tyler and Angela!!! So sweet together!!!  1-8-12, 6:54pm
Kerri Kemper spurlin - My vote is for Koen. The way you captured the sweetness of a newborn along with the vibrant colors you used made for a great photograph!  1-8-12, 5:15pm
John - all are great...but i gotta go with tyler and angela!!!  1-8-12, 4:25pm
mary lee olson - You are a talented photographer! But, I must vote my favorite is Angela and Tyler.  1-8-12, 3:04pm
Carol - Maddison and Abbigail  1-8-12, 1:28pm
Tori - Maddie and Abby!  1-8-12, 11:29am
Amy Salessi - Love them all, but I gotta vote for the Shahbaz cuties!! I love the way you captured them all so happy together. Perfect picture!!  1-8-12, 2:31am
Danielle - Jacob! What an amazing picture of my nephew :-)  1-8-12, 2:27am
anne kim - Tyler and Angela are adorable!  1-7-12, 11:49pm
Angela - Tyler and Angela!  1-7-12, 11:40pm
Ally - Voting for Tyler and Angela! It's a beautiful picture!  1-7-12, 10:22pm
Peggy Hunker - My vote is for Abby and Madi!!! But of course!!!  1-7-12, 10:16pm
Lisa Cripps - Ty & Ang are adorable!  1-7-12, 9:49pm
Jim & Mary Lee n - Ty & Angela - but we may be bias (sp?)  1-7-12, 9:27pm
Geri Wright - Love them all, but voting for Angela and Tyler  1-7-12, 9:06pm
Stacey - I vote for Madison and Abigail! I love their tutus. :)  1-7-12, 8:31pm
Greta - I vote for Hailey! What a beautiful image that captures the peace and grace of this adorable little girl.  1-7-12, 8:15pm
Abby Grubbs - Tyler and Angela - they are so cute!  1-7-12, 7:32pm
Becky Stramaglia - Voting for me and my boy! :)  1-7-12, 7:06pm
Herney - Maddie and abigail!!!!!!the best!!!!  1-7-12, 7:03pm
Katherine - Madison and abigail!!!!! R the cutest nieces:)  1-7-12, 7:01pm
Audrey Morris - PS- I vote for Madison and Abigail.  1-7-12, 6:58pm
Audrey Morris - Adorable! Reveals their unique personalities.  1-7-12, 6:55pm
Tom - I like my grand daughters!  1-7-12, 6:53pm
Lori - I love all these pictures! So hard to choose. All these precious babies deserve a vote.....but, if I can only vote for one, it will have to be Koen. Just love this one!  1-7-12, 5:25pm
Shelby - My vote is clearly Tyler and Angela but I am not biased:) This is my favorite photo of all time!!!  1-7-12, 5:16pm
Kyle Brower - JACOB...love my new nephew in ths picture.  1-7-12, 2:30pm
John Brower - My vote is Jacob. My first Grandson.  1-7-12, 2:28pm
Kelli Brower - Jacob gets my vote ! Such a precious babe !  1-7-12, 2:27pm
Kimberly McLean - Hailey is the winner hands down and has my vote. What a doll!!!  1-7-12, 12:47pm
Patti Valdez - I vote for Hailey she is precious  1-7-12, 12:11pm
Lisa Wicker - Hailey looks like an angel! My vote is for her!  1-7-12, 11:56am
Lindsey - Madison & Abigail!!! LOVE that picture!!!  1-7-12, 11:10am
Amber Fox - Beautiful pics Tira! I have to say my favorite has to be little Kohen. I love the colors and styling of the photo, and he is SO CUTE!!!  1-7-12, 11:09am
Donna Kerpen - Hailey's got my vote  1-7-12, 10:54am
Steph - Madi and Abby! Love those girls and those tutus :-) Too cute! Your pics are wonderful!!!  1-7-12, 10:35am
Pam Wethington - Casting my vote for Hailey. What a doll. Love the pose.  1-7-12, 10:22am
Christa - The Shahbaz Quads. They're just so cute, Plus I'm a sucker for a polka dot dress :)  1-7-12, 9:05am
Rick Laird - I vote for Hailey.  1-7-12, 8:21am
Martha - LOVE Hailey...Could cuddle with her all day long.  1-7-12, 7:51am
Steve - Jacob - peaceful baby just like real life  1-7-12, 7:13am
janet - great pictures so original not studio boring! Love them all but Naomi is the home run!  1-7-12, 5:28am
Amy Parker - I think I have to go with Tyler and Angela. Love the look in Tyler's eyes. So excited to be a big bro! I remember that look. :) Koen and those cheeks is a close second!  1-7-12, 2:08am
Kara - Carli and Owen!!!  1-7-12, 12:54am
natasha - Voting for abigal and madison!  1-7-12, 12:13am
Laura Fourtner - Maddi and Abbi... They're all adorable but I have to go with the twin girls:)  1-6-12, 11:55pm
Caroline - Madi and Abby. (I could list maybe twenty reasons, but who wants to read that?)  1-6-12, 11:51pm
Kelli - I vote for Madison and Abigail. The eyes, tutus, that red hair! Love it!  1-6-12, 11:45pm
Brooke - I am voting for Madison and Abigail  1-6-12, 11:42pm
Karen - Maddy and Abby are just so adorable. What is not to love about these 2 beautiful little girls that just never seem to stop smiling.  1-6-12, 11:40pm
Kristin Maldonado - Madi and Abby! They're adorable! Of course, every picture is wonderful. But those girls are so cute! :-)  1-6-12, 11:38pm
Rebecca - My vote is for Madison and Abigail!  1-6-12, 11:28pm
Ray - The Shabazz Quints - Love the 4 facial expressions, the variety of clothing patterns and the background texture. A fun and engaging photo.  1-6-12, 11:24pm
Will - Abby & Madi- I love these baby girls!  1-6-12, 10:55pm
Matthew - I love the image of Jacob. Great image...then again, I am a little bias.  1-6-12, 10:23pm
Kellie - I love Jacob, but I am biased as his mom. I love the color contrasts and how the picture highlights his innocences.  1-6-12, 10:14pm
Nancy - Hailey is such a Darling baby! That is a PERFECT POSE!  1-6-12, 9:31pm
Suzy Jahn - Madison & Abigail  1-6-12, 9:14pm
Dawn Peleskey - I vote for Hailey  1-6-12, 9:05pm
Melissa Woolery - Hailey - because she is beautiful!!  1-6-12, 8:40pm
Lindy - Can I vote for my own kids?! Madi & Abby, Madi & Abby!!! :)  1-6-12, 8:23pm
Jennifer Price - The Hoff Girls Love the colors, the soft & sweet expressions on their faces. Love how they're in a circle. All around sweet!  1-6-12, 8:20pm
Gina Prust - I vote for Carli and Owen because looking at that picture just makes me happy! They look so happy and content and comfortable!  1-6-12, 8:11pm
Alexis - I vote for lincoln how could that smile and dimples not be ur favorite pic of 2011  1-6-12, 7:51pm
Christopher Wren - Great shots Tira! Looks like 2011 was a great year for you.  1-6-12, 7:40pm
Allyson - Maddy and Abby, this picture captures total girlishness. So cute!  1-6-12, 7:35pm