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Miles - That's a beautiful photo you have there. It's very unfortunate that you decided not to do wedding photography anymore but I guess I have to agree, it puts a lot of pressure because its a live event. :)  6-26-12, 8:12am
Mary Marantz - Love you, love you, love you! You can second shoot with us ANY TIME! (said in the voice of Tom Cruise a la Top Gun, you can be my wing man anytime!) xoxoxoxoxo to you both!  12-16-11, 4:00pm
Erin Oveis Brant - This is a great post and more photographers need to hear this message! It's not easy to turn away work, but doing so for this reason will ultimately bring you more of the work you LOVE, rather than perpetuating inquiries you don't really want. Everyone wins when you are doing work you love, rather than work that just pays the bills. Bravo to you for saying it loud and proud! :D  12-16-11, 3:10pm