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David & Jennifer Macias - Congrats to you all! She is gorgeous! Welcome to the world of happy parents! :)  12-4-11, 9:27am
Andrea (Jabin) Garcia - The first picture takes your breath away, she is amazing!! You all must be so proud....  11-28-11, 1:29pm
Stephen Reta - These pictures look like they belong in a magazine. They are very beautiful!  11-28-11, 1:42am
John & Dianne (Australia) - Congratulations and much love from down under. Beautiful baby and parents and grandparents, we love you all!!  11-22-11, 9:14pm
dorene - what sweetness!!  11-21-11, 11:29am
Jessica - Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Wade and Kimmy you two were brave taking a picture with all that cuteness!! Keep up the good work. Eliana is a joy and a treasure.  11-20-11, 7:10pm
Eliese - Cutest baby ever!!! You are one good looking group :-D  11-20-11, 5:36pm
Tracy Cagliero - Congrats to the Miller family, Eliana is BEAUTIFUL!  11-20-11, 10:40am
Kathy - Eliana is beyond precious!! These pictures are super cute! Good job mommy and daddy, you guys are are doing such a fantastic job with her! I'm such a proud auntie :)  11-19-11, 11:58am
Nicole/Nikki - Eliana is absolutely precious!!! I am thrilled to see these gorgeous pictures :) Congratulations to Wade and Kimmy. Wade is just getting more handsome with age....love you, my brother :)  11-18-11, 9:50pm
Candice - Congrats Wade and Kimmy! She is so beautiful!  11-18-11, 8:13pm
Mark - This Grandpa is very proud of this beautiful baby and her parents.  11-18-11, 2:18pm
Mawa - She is so beautiful , she look like her daddy !!!!  11-17-11, 8:31pm
Gramma Colette - Congrats to Wade and Kim she is a beautiful Baby  11-16-11, 9:24pm
Yukie - "A picture is worth a thousand words...." Timeless, classic, beautiful, precious, tranquil, soothing, peaceful, etc, etc, etc.....Such great moments caught on film.... priceless!  11-16-11, 7:05pm
Darcy - These are too much!! Precious is the word!!! I love the one with her on Wade's arm and her all folded up in the bucket asleep!! And where did she get that gorgeous hairband?!! Thank You sooo much for sharing these!!!!!!!  11-16-11, 1:38pm
Shannon - Beautiful poses. Beautiful people. Most Precious baby, ever! I absolutely love these pictures!!!  11-14-11, 1:09am
Jean - Precious, precious, precious! But how very precious Mom and Eliana and Dad with Eliana--beautiful treasures!!  11-12-11, 5:11pm