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Peter Berkman - Beautiful pictures Tira!  10-12-09, 4:49pm
Ginger Murray - I am so jealous that the crab apple (or, cherry blossoms?) are out where you live right now!! Crab apples don't bloom here until mother's day, usually.. or later!  3-29-09, 6:59pm
Sara Gray - How sweet! Great job, keep up the good work!  3-28-09, 10:57pm
Kathleen - Michelle and Randy: Thank you so much for sharing your joy with us. Uncle Leonard & Aunt Marilyn loved looking at your beautiful photos along with me. You are radiating love and happiness. May God continue to bless you. Hugz from your Cuz, Kathleen  3-26-09, 7:49pm
Jan - Michelle you look radiant. God is faithful. I wish you and Randy much happiness.  3-26-09, 1:08am
Hanssie Trainor - Are these all done with your 50 1.2? So buttery and pretty!  3-25-09, 6:43pm
Ophelia - Michelle, You look so beautiful, happy, and in LOVE! May the Lord bless you and Randy on this new journey! Blessings from your friend, Ophelia  3-25-09, 12:17pm
Jeanette - SO CUTE!!! Great story!! Great job Miss TJ!  3-25-09, 12:03pm
Christy Lynn - Stunning, absolutely stunning! Such a lovely couple and you have captured them beautifully!  3-25-09, 9:08am
Jessica - Thanks for capturing how happy they are together :) As family, it has been a blessing to watch their relationship, and I'm so thankful they now have these pictures to remember.  3-24-09, 8:30pm
Robinson - Very nice photos!  3-24-09, 8:24pm
Peter Woelper - Beautiful pictures of two people in love. I've known Randy for many years and worked on his crew from 1992 to 1998 when I retired. I don't know Michelle yet but hope to get to know her. She is beautiful. Just like her Mom. who I knew quite well. God bless all of you!  3-24-09, 6:50pm
Deana - Beautiful story and pictures :)  3-24-09, 6:49pm
Amanda Suanne - Great job and what a sweet story! :D  3-24-09, 2:56pm