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Teresa Reid - Karter is soooo sweet! Super cute photos!  3-15-11, 6:18pm
Tasha Seibert - Wow, is right! He really is the cutest newphew in the whole world:-)  3-2-11, 9:52pm
Stacy - WOW WOW WOW WOW. Seriously. Wow!  2-26-11, 9:51pm
Lyndsay Bowen - LOOOOVE the pictures!! What a great photographer! Makes it easier when you're photographing the cutest newborn EVER!! Congratulations again Kris and Ally. Karter is just perfect! Love you all.  2-25-11, 2:59pm
Juliet - I love the family shots... I love them all! So precious :)  2-25-11, 2:50pm
Valerie - My favorite is the first one with him sleeping in the box. He is SO ADORBALE!!  2-25-11, 1:32pm
Kristi Hawkins - Oh, they're beautiful!! Love them all! Especially the one of you, Ally and Karter. So sweet!  2-25-11, 1:28pm
Emily Deaton - These are SOOOOO cute! Karter is adorable and I love the family pics. :)  2-24-11, 7:32pm
Erica Mericle - Those are awesome! I love the nakey ones of him with you guys! =)  2-24-11, 6:46pm
Ashley Mahoney - I love them all!  2-24-11, 6:25pm
Stevie Heiliger - Absolutely beautiful!! So happy for you guys! LOVE them!  2-24-11, 4:25pm
Kelly - Beautiful pictures!  2-24-11, 3:15pm
Michelle - Adorable. Karter is so hansdome. Love the picture with Mom and Baby. Beautiful!  2-24-11, 3:14pm
Lisa simmons - Awwww too cute! Great job!  2-24-11, 2:20pm
Emma Godfrey - Beautiful, that first one is a stunner! The shots with the black back drop have come out incredibly well, the proud parents must be very pleased!  2-24-11, 2:57am
Lindy - Once again Tira awesome job! Karter is adorable!!  2-22-11, 11:43am
Kathy - What a beautiful boy!!!! Love the new 7 up crate! Really great shots Tira!  2-22-11, 12:00am