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Danielle Vander Leun - This makes me want to be a senior again...ANNNND make you take my senior portraits (and maybe photoshop my high school braces out of them). Love the vibrant colors, beautiful shoot all around.  2-18-11, 4:09pm
Emily and Nate - This makes me want Summer here really bad! Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful!!!! I love that purple chair by the way! ;)  2-13-11, 10:41pm
mallory - ahh love senior shoots! that first picture and the last one, absolute favorites! she's beautiful!  2-7-11, 1:35pm
Steph Sullins - I really love that pink chair, and the last photo of the series! They are all wonderful though!:) Steph  2-6-11, 5:49pm
Kim Kravitz - She is just stunning! Love all the different locations you used. And that purple chair is AWESOME!! Great work!  2-4-11, 4:04am
Mike - These are fabulous. The lighting looks great!  2-4-11, 12:22am
JVS - It's refreshing to see a Senior that isn't afraid to smile:)  2-4-11, 12:13am
kelsey anderson - beautiful young lady with a fab shoe collection it seems :)  2-2-11, 11:58pm
Judie - Such vibrant colors - just beautiful!  2-2-11, 9:37pm
Jake~ - Beautiful, colorful & vibrant - stunning photos! Great job!  2-2-11, 9:08pm
David - These are adorable! What a great smile! :)  2-2-11, 5:00pm
angie - gorgeous Tira!  1-31-11, 11:13pm
Melissa Koehler - Just beautiful! I love the chair too! :)  1-31-11, 2:27pm
Katie - These are beautiful! Bummer about the project, but I just love them. The lighting is gorgeous and so is she :)  1-31-11, 1:48pm