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MrB - The second last shot rocks! nice work.  4-5-11, 9:21pm
Stacy Cross - AW, I loooove these! They're a great reminder to have our family pics updated before I lose my big ole belly again in just a couple of months! :) Planning a trip to Austin anytime soon?!  2-7-11, 10:49pm
Katie Beverley - Cute, cute, cute. Tira!!! Beautiful shots of an adorable family!!  1-27-11, 6:45pm
Marsha - I TOO, Love the pictures, the photographer and the people in them! Thank you Tira! we can't thank you enough.  1-24-11, 8:12pm
Stephanie - Love the pictures, the people in them, and the photographer!  1-24-11, 9:36am