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Heidi Ward - Words have escaped me and beautiful is an under statement! Rachel is not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. Such a beautiful young lady. I feel blessed to be her Aunt and only hoped that we didnt live so far apart!  10-27-10, 3:08pm
John Williamson - What tender evocative images of a beautiful young lady at the doorstep of her journey of life. You've captured Rachel's delicate spirit which translates to her care for other people around the world. Just beautiful ... well done!!!  10-11-10, 3:45am
Anya - Rachel, you look absolutely amazing inside and out; just like your mom. Thank you for showing such a positive attitude and how to be a great leader inside your school, in church and around the world. “Our talents are the gift that God gives to us… What we make of our talents is our gift back to God.” To you and your family, “Thank You” for doing missions work around the world: “We must be a global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God.” Have safe trip to Africa!!! “Time is not measured by the passing of years but by what one does, what one feels, and what one achieves.” We hope your dreams take you... to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known.  10-10-10, 3:19pm
Rainey Floreen - Rachel... what a wonderful testimony you leave for all who look at this. Your inner beauty shines out through your outer beauty. Great photos.  10-8-10, 6:00pm
Peggy Campbell - Rachel--Stunning ... the photos, yes ... but who you are becoming much more so. And, TIRA ... you are absolutely incredibly gifted ... I want to bring the other two Scotties and do a photo shoot now!  10-8-10, 3:21pm
Katie - So pretty! I love the natural lighting...brings out the natural you! :)  10-8-10, 11:33am
Nikki Carlson - Rachel - you are absolutely STUNNING!! Amazing photos. :) xoxox  10-8-10, 11:21am
Jennifer Perez - Rachel--you look so BEAUTIFUL here and always! What an awesome photo shoot which definitely displays your true beauty--I can almost hear your cute laugh coming thru! God's best to you this year and in the days ahead as you pursue after the things of Christ!  10-7-10, 2:44pm
Jani Williamson - What lovely portraits of a beautiful young lady!  10-7-10, 2:31pm
Denise Colón - What a beautiful girl and fabulous pictures!  10-7-10, 2:11pm
Matt Barkley - Amazing photos. I'll have to bookmark this to show my daughter for next year.  10-7-10, 2:03pm
Jay Cee - I like the way sun lights up here eyes. Beautiful!  10-7-10, 2:00pm
Emily Crystal - The pics with the Scottie dog are so cuuuute.  10-7-10, 1:59pm
John Colon - Love love love these pictures of Rachel!!  10-7-10, 1:55pm
Jenna Case - Amazing job once again tira! Rachel you are so beautiful!  10-6-10, 11:22pm
Alec Jackson - The first one is my fav  10-6-10, 11:17pm
Jennifer Mabray - Spectacular photos of a gorgeous girl with a beautiful heart. You are precious!!!!!!!!!  10-6-10, 9:55pm
Judy Underwood - Rachel, you are beautiful...but as my grandmother always said "Pretty is as pretty does"...and you think and act beautifully as well. Jesus shines right through you! I had so much fun showing these to my granddaughter Mary. When I asked her what she thought you wanted to be she said, "that's easy...an actress!" What a joy to tell her about your heart for people and that your deep desire is to be a missionary! Blessings to you and I hope you have a wonderful senior year!  10-6-10, 7:57pm
Debbie Richter - Absolutely stunning! Rachel you are a jewel - inside and out! LeeAnn - I'm with you watching our children become adults pulls the heart strings in every direction imaginable!  10-6-10, 7:29pm
Jessica Licona - OMG gurly watching you grow up has been amazing! I cant believe your graduating already! Absolutely beautiful pics gurly!  10-6-10, 3:20pm
Michelle Blood - Did someone say MODEL? Wow, Rachel, you're beauty is absolutely captivating -- in every picture. I think what makes you the most beautiful young woman I know is WHO your are today ... and have yet to become tomorrow. Credit to you, Lee Ann, for the "raising up" of such a godly child ... and to Tira for capturing the essence of that gift.  10-6-10, 2:52pm
Phil Brazell - Amazing - Rachel - can't wait to hopefully have your smiling face at APU :)  10-6-10, 2:40pm
Laurie Tietjen - Rachel, these are awesome pictures. Congratulations on your many accomplishments. Good luck to you. God has truly blessed you!  10-6-10, 2:34pm
Crystal Wigglesworth - Rachel you are so photogenic! What a gorgeous senior you are! Can't wait to see the wonderful things God has in store for you!  10-6-10, 1:22pm
Patricia Knatz - Rachel, Your inner beauty is reflected in the fresh and natural beauty we see in these gorgeous photos. You are surely the pride and joy of the Jackson family! Love, Patty Knatz (Christina's mom)  10-6-10, 1:06pm
Careth Trerise - What a beautiful young lady. I hear you, Lee Ann. Where does the time go? Cried for her slide show, just like I did Benton's. You have done an amazing job!  10-6-10, 12:39pm
Christina Jackson - Rachel, you look so grown up and absolutely gorgeous! I'm so proud of the beautiful young woman that you've become. Love you! Aunt "Feena"  10-6-10, 12:15pm
Kara Gordon - What a beautiful treasure. I have already watched the show a couple of times.  10-6-10, 11:53am
Michele McCune - me too Lee Ann! I got misty eyed! Rachel, you are precious! Beautiful and glowing from within....  10-6-10, 11:52am
Lee Ann Jackson (Her Mom!) =) - That's my girl! Rachel--you are such a blessing to me . . . beautiful inside and out! Thanks Tira for reflecting both in these great pictures!  10-6-10, 1:38am
Gail - How pretty is she!!! LOVE her hair here! :)  10-5-10, 9:28pm
Jen Johnson - These are all great shots, but that last one is just gorgeous!  10-5-10, 1:05am