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Jana - You're adorable! That was such a fun day!  9-26-10, 6:23pm
Grandma - Beautiful pictures, Sasha. I can't wait to get one. Christmas is coming.  9-26-10, 6:00pm
Macy - I'm the dog. I'm cute. I know it. Woof!  9-26-10, 5:59pm
Allison - You are the most wonderful sister I've ever had. Your photos are gorgeous! I told you Tira would do a great job.  9-26-10, 5:58pm
Peter - Not bad, for a little sister!  9-26-10, 5:57pm
Jay - You are a beautiful young lady...and the dog's cute, too. God bless you. He will.  9-26-10, 5:56pm
Tara - OMG that is the CUTEST dog! And I love her shoes! What a beautiful girl and beautiful shots!  9-24-10, 1:16pm
Jessie Davis - WOW! I absolutely LOVE the one in the black and white skirt with black top sitting down! Sasha you are an absolutely gorgeous lady and I love you! Nice pictures Tira!  9-9-10, 1:18am
Becka @Studio222 - Seniors now-a-days are so stinking gorgeous. I was not nearly as cute when I was in high school. LOL  9-8-10, 3:47pm
Stacy Cross - She is just so beautiful and, in these pictures, her smile radiates! Great photos!  9-3-10, 11:09pm
Corinne Cherne - Sashie!! you look amazing!!! :) and macy is adorable! haha cant wait to get a copy!! love you! :)  9-2-10, 12:43pm
Jen Johnson - GORGEOUS work! GO HAWKS!  9-1-10, 12:33pm