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Dee Mayoral - Son, your pictures are awesome, I am so proud of you. Tira, you did a wonderful job. Thanks again.  11-7-10, 12:29pm
Kara Gordon - I love these pictures of Austin.  11-7-10, 12:28pm
Jennifer Yaxley - Hey Austin, your pictures look amazing. I can't believe you are a senior:) Great job Tira:)  9-19-10, 10:31pm
Debbie Richter - Great photos! Love the lighting and settings! You look great Austin!  9-15-10, 3:12pm
Josephine Davis - Austin: I have knownyour Mom for a long time. She told me to check out your blog because your photos were beyond great.. She was right.. Tira is a name I will remember and card I will keep. J. Davis, Glendora  9-14-10, 8:36pm
Janeen Gutierrez - Great pics Tira! Austin, I was remembering the little 4th grader you use to be as I was looking at your pics. So proud of you! :)  8-29-10, 11:19pm
Arlene Katanian - Love, Love, Love the pictures of Austin Mayoral. The one with the purple shirt, all of the black and whites, and the one on top of his school sign. Very cool!!!  8-29-10, 9:22pm
Mandy Ray - Tira! You totally captured the essence of Austin in these pics! Love 'em all . . . particularly GQ against the tiled wall and the rusty 18 wheeler.  8-26-10, 5:52pm
Taylor Vincent - Those are some awesome pics dude!!  8-25-10, 12:18am
Amber Fox - Great session Tira! I especially love the one where he sitting in front of the dilapidated fence. It was sooo good seeing you today too. We have to become better friends. I think we have more in common than just photo.  8-24-10, 12:52am