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Gwen - Amazing session. I can only imagine the workout it must've been chasing after four two-year olds! :)  3-12-09, 11:13am
Catie Ronquillo - What an adorable family! I love that red polka dot dress :)  3-9-09, 1:23pm
Sabrina Rossetti - What amazing pictures, you guys have such a beautiful family!  3-9-09, 9:52am
Amy Shahbaz - Where else can you find a photographer who is willing to run after four 2 year olds and then back and forth the length of Travel Town to get a shot of kiddos riding the train...and is still smiling at the end of the day. Tira loves people and photography and the two combine to create amazing photos that we will treasure forever..thank you!  3-8-09, 11:32pm
shannon l - Wow...these are so great. Love all the candids and the lighting in some is to die for!  3-7-09, 12:12am
Stephanie - I love the sepia shot. Too bad they didn't have on fadoras and trenchcoats! :)  3-6-09, 11:10am
Joan Solitario - I LOVE THE PHOTOS! You gotta tell me where this place is at :) The last two shots are perfect!  3-4-09, 11:23pm
Sandy - Soooo Cute!  3-4-09, 4:46pm
Kathy - WOW! Those pictures are amazing, Tira! I think we may be headed there next with Max! Your talent is limitless!  3-4-09, 12:14pm
Jen - LOVE the pics! What a cool place to shoot! (did I get the "photog" lingo correct?? LOL!!)  3-4-09, 11:33am
Kerri - Those pictures are adorable!! GREA JOB!!!  3-4-09, 10:32am
Peggy Hill - Wow, You are amazing, girl. I love your work. Wish you had been around when my kids were little ^_^  3-4-09, 9:58am
Zak - Very cool! Lovin' the yumminess of the last two. Such a great location too. My son would LOVE that place. :)  3-3-09, 11:42pm