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ANNAZETTE - My cousin Kendra... Is beautiful and I just love all of her pictures!!! Amazing!!! <3  5-10-10, 12:08pm
christian smith - awesome  5-5-10, 10:37pm
Kimberly - Kendra....you are gorgeous and your photographer is brilliant! Killer shoes!!! Love them on the chair too! I work with your Dad...he is so proud! Congratulation!!  5-4-10, 6:33pm
Suzi Rodriguez - Kendra is so photogenic, The backgrounds complement her beauty.  5-3-10, 11:10pm
Cindy Burris - What beautiful pictures of a beautiful young lady!  5-2-10, 10:02pm
Vanessa - Kendra, You take my breath away each time I see how beautiful you have become from the inside out!! xoxo  5-2-10, 12:03pm
Sam Cisneros - Hey, look who it is! The daughter of Lori and friend of Lori. All grown up too. You look great kendra, looks like you had a lot of fun. Congratulations and best wishes to you family. Tell Jordan and your mom I say hi. :)  5-2-10, 10:14am
Faith Swanson - Wow Kendra! You have grown into a gorgeous young lady! And I know you're just as beautiful on the inside! Love to you and your family.  5-1-10, 10:57am
Elaine Price - You are stunning, the pictures are incredible, enjoy every minute! Congratulations!  5-1-10, 12:09am
Amanda M - OH MY GOODNESS. Kendra you look absolutely stunning. I am in love with all of these pictures. I WANT ONE WHEN YOU GET THEM IN!!! i love you!  5-1-10, 12:00am
stella - what amazing pictures Kendra looks beautiful!!! I want to use this person...  4-30-10, 8:12pm
Drea Zamora - I have to say Ms. Kendra you look adorable. the onsite locations are a great addition to any Senior experience. I love the clarity of your protraits and the way you accent the camera. its as if the Camera loves you!!! definetly some great shots! you brought out the best in these pictures!  4-30-10, 6:22pm
Drea Zamora - Kendra, you are so beautiful and I might have posted on the wrong site! lol these pictures are amazing and what great shots of you! I am saving this vendor for Lorrayne and Ryan! definetly a must, and will come sooner than i know. Love the accessories that were chosen for the pictures. Aunt Lori was smart to use this photographer, these pictures (everyone) are amazing!  4-30-10, 6:20pm
Araceli Magro - Wow, love the photos! They are all beautiful and so is Kendra :)  4-30-10, 5:06pm
Donna Northup - Beautiful pictures, I love the settings and Kendra looks absolutely beautiful!!!  4-30-10, 2:17pm
Robin Hester - Kendra, These pictures are so beautiful. I am so proud& love you so much. You are daddy's little girl! god bless you my beautiful daughter. love daddy Robin  4-30-10, 12:18pm
Robin - So proud of you, Kendra!  4-30-10, 12:08pm
SarahSoto - omygosh! these photos are BEAUTIFUL! and the backgrounds not bad either ;P so pretty Kendra! you're so grown up! again. cute outfits too! again. great pics! :)  4-30-10, 12:01pm
Ruth Lathroo - Loved all your pics Kendra. You are as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. Loved the matching chair and matching shoes.I will keep you in my prayers.  4-30-10, 11:27am
r moreno - very nice :)  4-30-10, 11:05am
Michelle Muncie Huo - Kendra, I love all the pictures!! You look so beautiful and exotic!! May God direct your paths and bless you as you begin a new journey.  4-30-10, 10:39am
Lisa Gonzales - I love the black and white picture of you Kendra...you look beautiful. I also like the one in the black dress sitting in the chair. its cute. love ya sweety. lisa  4-30-10, 2:52am
Uncle Paul - That girl is so beautiful. She's our sunshine. Congratulations, I can't believe your Graduating already, that makes me old. Love You, UPC.  4-30-10, 2:13am
Anne - Beautiful model and scenary. Love those shoes  4-30-10, 1:39am
Ronnie Galindo - your mother said you were beautiful and she was so right graduation is a wonderful thing you have so much to look forward too you seem like a great kid good luck to you  4-30-10, 1:23am
Ronnie Galindo - what a beautiful Girl you grew up to be you have so much potential your parents must be so proud of you sweetie  4-30-10, 1:21am
Lindsie Jordan - Kendra you have grown up to be such a beautiful young woman! I am so proud of you and I cant wait to watch you graduate. These pictures really capture the diva and model within you =) Love you!  4-30-10, 12:10am
Barbara Moser - What beautiful pictures! I can't believe how grown up you are. Congratulations on your graduation in June. May wonderful things come your way now and forever. Blessings.  4-29-10, 11:32pm
Amy Price - Such cute photos!! Can't believe how old your getting!! Enjoy the rest of your senior year!  4-29-10, 11:01pm
Brittany Kukal - Kendra, you are stunning in these pictures!!! Congrats on graduating in June. May the Lord bless you as you go off to college in the Fall! :) Oh and where did you get those adorable purple shoes!! You have such a great style!!  4-29-10, 10:53pm
Joi Wilson - Kendra Lauren....Cousin you look stunning! Much love, peace, & happiness as you embark on your journey to higher learning :) May your college experience be all that and more. Love you dollface xoxo  4-29-10, 9:33pm
rocki - ssoooo beautiful!!!  4-29-10, 9:25pm
Christiana - great pictures(:  4-29-10, 8:48pm
Jordan Gibson - Hey I know this girl! My little baby sister is all grown up. Very proud of you Kendra and thank you so much Tira for capturing the beauty of this little girl.  4-29-10, 8:08pm
Linda Lowell - Kendra, What an amazing young lady you have grown into! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL pictures! Thanks for sharing them with me. I still remember that baby girl with the beautiful locks, in your stroller, dropping off her big brother...Wow, wasn't that just yesterday? Love You Kendra, Mrs. Lowell  4-29-10, 7:29pm
Barb Bashan - You are so beautiful!  4-29-10, 7:01pm
Karen Carr-Crawford - Kenda, you look f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s! OMG! I will definetly make sure Daniel see this -:).  4-29-10, 6:24pm
Emily Parks - These pictures look great! You are so beautiful Kendra! (:  4-29-10, 5:38pm
Belinda Platt - what a beautiful young lady you have become...may the Lord guide your footsteps and may you prosper in everything you set your hand to and may the light of Jesus shine in you and through you  4-29-10, 5:12pm
Katie Olague - Kendra, your pictures came out soooooooo cute!!! I love all of them. I can't even pick which one is my favorite. Love you're outfits.  4-29-10, 5:05pm
Vickilee Carter - OMG - What beautiful photos - Kendra is very photogenic. Makes me think of my High School days.. I Love it.  4-29-10, 4:16pm
Terena Bush - All of the pictures are lovely. Excellent job.  4-29-10, 4:15pm
Tawny Anderson - congrats on your graduation! you look gorgeous! love the shoes! :)  4-29-10, 3:56pm
Renee Smith - Very Beautiful Photos. Done very tastefully!! I Love all of them..  4-29-10, 3:50pm
LornaS. - Very well done! Kendra is beautiful.  4-29-10, 3:35pm
Madeline Sharples - You look fabulous. And, I love the purple shoes! All the best at college.  4-29-10, 2:17pm
Anne Nolan - Kendra, You are beautiful! Lots of great pictures! Awesome photography Tira! Have fun these last few weeks as a Senior!  4-29-10, 1:33pm
Melissa - Love the purple shoes!  4-29-10, 1:07pm
Linda Huang - Kendra, You look fabulous. You brought back my high school memories. You are lucky to have parents that are so supportive and loving to provide this opportunity. Your makeup and clothing selection is wonderful. Best of Luck in the future. Keep Smiling! Linda  4-29-10, 12:47pm
Lori Vaughan - Kendra: your photographs brought a tear to my eyes. These are amazing photographs - stylish yet candid and you look stunning! I have a 19 year old daughter and I would love to have shots like these of her. Enjoy - Lori  4-29-10, 12:44pm
Jmc - Kendra: Not only are you stunningly gorgeous, but your inner beauty which lasts forever shines through as well. Love the picture with the matching chair and shoes, it's my fav!!! Congratulations on your forthcoming graduation!  4-29-10, 12:27pm
Kathy D. - Exquisite!!!!  4-29-10, 11:53am
Tina Sprague - Absolutely beautiful! I love the pink shoes and the chair that totally brings them out!  4-29-10, 11:35am
Michelle Hebert - What a stunning girls. She has the most flawless skin. My favs are the ones of her on the path with the beautiful greenery all around. Love love love!  4-28-10, 9:37pm
Jhaki - You look amazing Kendra. Like a mini super model!!!  4-28-10, 8:15pm
Vanessa - OMG...what a gorgeous young lady Kendra has grown into!! So proud to say she takes after her favorite cousin...ME!!! Love you!! xoxo  4-28-10, 7:33pm
Christina Zigler - Kendra - Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! They all seem to reflect your beauty and your vibrant personality. It really is impossible to pick a favorite.  4-28-10, 6:22pm
Tyler Prieb - These look really great!! Nice job!  4-28-10, 4:38pm
Natassia Perez-Francis - Kendra... YOU are a total blessing and I am so Proud of YOU!!! YOU look Saucy!!!  4-28-10, 4:26pm
Jori Ford - You are beautiful! :-)  4-28-10, 1:45pm
Sanna - you are SO beautiful. these pictures are amazing. looks like they belong in a magazine :)  4-28-10, 12:53pm
Kelly Olague - Kendra, you are all grown up and beautiful. Made me want to cry. I love the shoes :-)  4-28-10, 12:52pm
Lori - BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the green skirt, the pink shoes, the chair, the CROSS :) The song made me cry. Kendra you're beautiful and Tira you're the BEST!  4-28-10, 12:51pm
Rachel Lopez - I love these pics! Kendra, you did pick the perfect outfits. I can't imagine having to choose which pictures to purchase--you should just get them all!  4-28-10, 10:34am
Katie Neal Photo - Lovvve the pink chair!!! Love the photos! :) Impossible to pick a fave!  4-28-10, 10:27am
Julie Delamarter - gorgeous. love the ones on the path!  4-28-10, 10:13am
Jai Keith - wow kendra! you look so good!!!!!  4-28-10, 12:49am