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brooke bustillos - how cute are you 2!! :) :)  1-21-10, 10:31am
Kelsey - How great to be able to work with your partner in life. Great image of you two.  1-21-10, 10:10am
Mark - aww looks like you guys make a great team! Keep it up!  1-21-10, 12:57am
Christopher Elston Photography - Yup! Nice! I have to do a little post about my wife.  1-6-10, 4:24pm
Kathy - Awwwwww. You two are awesome!  3-5-09, 12:47pm
Sandi - Tira, your new website is so beautiful and the picture and story of you and Hubby are very touching!  3-2-09, 8:19pm
Kirsten - Aw Tira that is so sweet what you said about your hubby :) And that's a really great photo of the two of you too. It's wonderful that you are both so supportive of each other.  2-25-09, 10:49pm
Charlean Simmons - I love the website. Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures of my grandson Max.  2-25-09, 9:38pm
Jen - Great pic of y'all! And your words about David...PRICELESS!! And so very, very true. You are blessed, my friend! (and so is he!!) :-)  2-25-09, 5:32pm
Kerri - You are both very beautiful people, inside and out! You really have a talent for this and look forward to you taking all my kids pictures!  2-25-09, 4:18pm
Jayson - Wow, great post Tira. You can really see the love you both have for each other in this image.  2-25-09, 10:37am