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Janice Ferris - Allison, you are a glowing, perfect package of beauty, brains and spirit, all wrapped up in precious, godly Christian womanhood. What a blessing you are to know!!  4-1-10, 3:40pm
Julie L. Gaddis - Allie, You are beautiful!! The pictures exemplify God's beauty and grace He has given you. Happy graduation.  3-30-10, 1:53pm
Diane Bahruth - Tira has captured the Allison I know SOOOO WELL!!!!! GORGEOUS! So much personality and beauty inside and out all in one! Fabulous!  3-30-10, 10:45am
Shelby - These images are awesome. She is beautiful, but the lighting is very nice. I like the one where she is in the arched doorway. Great job Tira.  3-26-10, 8:40pm
Katelyn James - LOVE! Tira these are awesome! So bright and sharp! :)  3-26-10, 8:46am
Marissa Rodriguez - GORGEOUS! Your photos are always so clean and crisp! I love it!  3-24-10, 3:15pm
Michelle Hebert - Awww.she is beautiful! I love that purple chair...it is WAY cool. And her mother's quote...that is AWESOME! Beautiful pictures...as always!  3-24-10, 2:39pm
Magan Blasig - TIRA! You have the most beautiful seniors! She's stunning! I love the location and my, it looked like such a beautiful day! Lovely photos. :)  3-24-10, 11:17am