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[ b ] - way to go Tira! keep it up!  3-19-10, 11:21pm
Jen Johnson - Wish I could have been there...how awesome!  3-19-10, 11:41am
Christopher Wren - I really wanted to come, but my niece was having her 2nd birthday party! My dad (an APU Adjunct) told me about it. I need to learn how to make it work better for me...  3-18-10, 7:30pm
Jasmine* - So, so proud of you!! Look at you rocking it out!! :) xoxo  3-18-10, 2:33pm
anda - congrats, tira! what an awesome honor to teach others.  3-17-10, 5:21pm
Ilene Bezjian - What a great night! We were happy to host staff, students, alumni, parents, and members from the community. This has been such a successful program, I have decided to offer it again, and it was successful because of the great presentations made by people like the Youngs. Thanks so much!  3-17-10, 3:04pm
Becka @Studio222 Photography - Congrats guys! The "pay the tax man" shot made me laugh. It's always a good reminder. ;)  3-17-10, 2:34pm