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Kerri Spurlin - WHAT A BEAUTIFUL Wedding..you can see the love between them in these pictures! And YES!!!! BEEEAAATIFUL flowers! She is amazing to prepare for a wedding AND do her own flowers...Hats off to the bride!  1-5-11, 12:36pm
Carol Graf Blunier - Tira, I probably haven't seen you since high school but I've known Lita practically since I was born and am so thrilled for her and David. Your photography is gorgeous--I wish I'd known about you when I got married five years ago.  3-23-10, 7:10pm
nicholas Bombich - great set. really enjoyed these.  1-21-10, 12:46am
Amber Snow - Love that orange accent, what a fun color! Great photographs.  1-7-10, 12:26am
Michelle Hebert - Beautiful pictures! Your details are awesome!  1-3-10, 12:57am
Kathy - GORGEOUS couple, GORGEOUS location, GORGEOUS photos!!!!! Looks like it was a fabulous day!  12-31-09, 9:34pm
Lita Minger Miranda - I'M IN AWE...GOD IS SO GOOD! Tira and David, words can't say how you have captured our special day. Thank you so much..they are breath taking!!! Love you..Lita  12-31-09, 1:47pm
Jen Johnson - Such a GREAT post! You can feel the love between these two couples and you captured some magical moments. Congrats!!!  12-29-09, 4:36pm
Amy Malak - Tira... The photos are amazing! But then I knew they would be which is why my girls and keep going back to look at them. I think I am going to need to order a few of them!  12-29-09, 2:34pm
Akil Bennett - this was a great wedding...I dig your work!  12-29-09, 1:38pm
Mary Marantz - Aw, they look so happy!! Love these! Love you!! :)  12-29-09, 7:04am
David Glazer - Great photos. What a great wedding you had. We were so glad to share in it. Love, David and Lyle  12-27-09, 1:26am
sarah - wow! that IS one heck of a bouquet! and what a fabulous dress! wonderful!  12-26-09, 1:27pm
Joy - Wow, wow, wow! You captured the day so perfectly Tira and David. Absolutely stunning photographs of beautiful Lita, handsome David and the bridal party. The amazing flowers and gorgeous setting....looks like this wedding was right out of a movie set. No wonder...it's Lita & David's wedding!  12-26-09, 11:41am
Katelyn James - tira! you go girl!!! great great job!! loved the details!!  12-25-09, 11:07pm
Kerri Kemper-Spurlin - Oh My! First can I say that you can see the love that htese 2 share thru these pictures. I dont know either of them & rarely post comments...but this looks like a lovely wedding... I remember how stressful it was to plan a wedding when you have a someone do your flowers...but to plan a wedding & do you own flowers AND they are OUT OF THIS WORLD gorgeous!! Won my hat is off to you!!! =) Tira - these turned out lovely!!!  12-25-09, 10:17pm
Tira J's Mom - What a fun wedding and what a happy couple! You did a great job of capturing it all, Tira and David!  12-25-09, 7:03pm