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Amber Snow - Those are great photos! I love the last one, so beautiful and fun.  5-8-10, 10:24pm
Magan @ Magan's Lens - Tira, I love the color at the first location. So. FUN. This session looked like it was a really great time. Nice job on the photos!  12-18-09, 5:27pm
Chris Serrano - Congratulations Dave! I love the action shot. It looks like you'll be ready for basketball season this summer!  11-28-09, 4:45pm
Dean and Connie Pashak - Lita, we are so happy for you. God always has a plan, but we so often just don't have the patience. You did and look what he has placed in your life. Congratualtions and Best Wishes  11-16-09, 11:02am
Dianna Milam - Dear Lita and David (and Tira) -- Wow Wow Wow, such wonderful moments you captured. Beautiful! Made me get all weepy! Jeeeez, Lita, would you stop it already?!? You're wearing me out with all this wonderfulness. But I'm looking forward to lots more at the wedding! Much love, - Dianna  11-12-09, 2:17pm
April (Byrd) Johnston - These are awesome pictures! Congratulations! I am so happy for you.  11-4-09, 11:18pm
Natalie Bloxham - Thought this day would never come. You two look F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!! Love the color coordination in all the photos. Not only an artist in front of the camera, but one behind the camera, too.  11-4-09, 7:19pm
Joyce and Marv - What great photos! It was great to take them at a place of meaning. We are very excited for 46 days from now...and beyond!  11-4-09, 3:23pm
Brianna Phelan - Great shots - love the last one and the lighting. Beautiful!  11-2-09, 8:03pm
Sean - These are so cute! It looks like they're having so much fun! Love the flare at the end!  11-1-09, 12:23am
Joy Fisk - Wonderful pictures Lita and David. You both look so happy and cute together. I love all of the colors in the photos, and I see you managed to find steps with the SC colors. Very clever!  10-28-09, 11:49pm
Wrenn - I'm so happy for you both!!  10-28-09, 12:13am
Aunt Char - Love the pictures and both of you! can't wait to see you in Dec!  10-27-09, 9:40pm
Betsy - so cool. u are gorgeous, lita!  10-27-09, 9:13pm
Margaret Buck - I have known you forever Lita, and I have never seen you more beautiful and more blissful! So, so happy for the two of you! Incredible pictures!  10-27-09, 6:57pm
Jennie - Wow! LOVE all the colors and just the overall "look" of the pics! Awesome couple, too!  10-27-09, 5:50pm
Amy Malak - Okay... These are awesome photos! How are they going to choose???? My favorite of Lita is with the tile behind her.  10-27-09, 3:36pm
whitney elizabeth - aw i love these and i JUST LOVE the sombrero shots!!!  10-27-09, 11:16am
Kelly Marie - Love that sun! Beautiful :)  10-27-09, 10:53am
Brandi - They look like such a sweet pair! Love all the gorgeous colors.  10-27-09, 9:11am