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Laurie - What an awesome opportunity! I'm so excited for you that you got to do that, and thank you for blogging about it!  2-4-10, 12:44pm
michelle Peek - Wow, what an opportunity !  9-1-09, 9:08am
Cindy Shaver - How lucky are you!?!  8-24-09, 10:26pm
Cathy Crawley - I love that man. There is no way you can't have fun at a [ b ] wedding :)  8-24-09, 7:42pm
meg manion silliker - great job - and good for you!! i just joined the [b] school today and i'm excited to get to know everyone! perhaps someday i'll get the same opportunity.  8-21-09, 2:49pm
Kia Gregory - Great job, Tira!  8-20-09, 3:34pm
Yvonne LeBrun - AWESOME! What an experience for you, so glad youare part of the [b] school and had this chance! Well done!  8-20-09, 2:51am
April - Can't believe you shot with Becker! How fun!!!  8-19-09, 1:40am
Katie - I took a pretty cute picture of you and [b] :) Definitely a day I'll never forget. SO HAPPY I met you and we're friends!  8-14-09, 7:40pm
Janet - Thanks for sharing a great story! I hope I get the chance to 2nd or 3rd shoot with him one day! Great shots too!  8-14-09, 4:09pm
Amber Fox - Thanks for such a detailed post. You have really painted a great picture of what it's like to be a second shooter. And yeah, it's pretty awesome you got to shoot with Becker!  8-14-09, 2:07pm
Joan Solitario - thanks for sharing Tira! after seeing blog posts about the [b] school from you and Michelle Cunningham, i decided to take a look and joined!  8-13-09, 5:35pm
Daniel - Tira: Thanks for the post; it was as though I was able to experience it with you! What an amazing opportunity...one not many get....Congrats!  8-13-09, 3:15pm
Hanssie Trainor - Love it Tira~ thanks for sharing your experience. I'm always envious of becker's amazing people skills.  8-12-09, 9:40pm
Amelia Thornton - WOW - Tira...super awesome! That's so funny about Keith Urban...that would totally happen to me too. I'm sure shooting with [b]ecker would be a blast but how fantastic to hear how informative it was too. Thanks for sharing your story. Signed: a fellow [B]Schooler :)  8-12-09, 8:44pm
StacyZ - Wow this is fantastic! What a fabulous day.  8-12-09, 5:39pm
evie - Tira, thank you SO much for sharing this story with us! I loved reading all about it and could completely empathize with you. I have no doubt that I would have been floored by that phone call as well. I big puffy heart [b]ecker!!  8-12-09, 5:08pm
ashley bugg - congrats! so excited that you had the opportunity to shoot with him! What an experience - thanks for sharing it all here -- it was a joy to read!  8-12-09, 4:06pm
Jen Johnson - So proud of you for going for it and learning something new! Can't wait until it's my turn to shoot with [b]!  8-12-09, 3:47pm
Renee M - I felt the same way when I got a phone call from Joe Photo to shoot with him in Las Vegas. It was one of the biggest thrills of my life! I immediately canceled my plans and even had to go buy something to wear! It was so great learning from one of the best. Congrats!  8-12-09, 3:40pm
Matthew Saville - Go Tira! So excited to see you rockin' this! =Matt=  8-12-09, 3:25pm
Lydia - What an experience! I'm so happy you got to do something as cool as this!  8-12-09, 3:18pm
[ b ] - it was great having you along and thanks for the kind words. you did a great job!  8-12-09, 2:54pm
Joel - Tira! What a great story to share! I've met [b]ecker before on a GTG, and i am a [b]school member, and i have always wanted to shoot a wedding with [b]! One of these days, my time will come. Thank you for sharing your amazing story and experience!  8-12-09, 2:37pm
Larry - That's awesome! I can't wait for my turn coming up shortly...thanks to the [b] school!  8-12-09, 2:01pm
Araxi - awww yay!! Im so glad you had the opportunity you really deserve it! I have yet to find the guts to sign up to shoot with him, after reading your post though I just may ;)  8-12-09, 1:54pm
alyson - Tira - great post! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.  8-12-09, 1:53pm
Christina Gressianu - I found your post on the [b] school site and I'm jealous! I met [b]ecker in April and keep waiting for him to call me about shooting a wedding with him! Awesome for you! Love you work too!  8-12-09, 1:52pm
Harmony - omgsh! you really looked like you were having a blast! He seems like he would be a really fun guy. I'm so happy for you and of course great images! :)  8-12-09, 1:39pm
michelle cunningham - congrats tira! that sounded like lots n lots of fun! and you're right... [b]ecker is just [b]ecker. you just can't help but love the guy.  8-12-09, 1:08pm